In the smartphone sphere, maximum of the time the people’s gaze is pointed on your Samsungs plus Apples and LGs; the brands that create the flashiest plus most eye-catching devices out there. However they are far from the single players on the market, particularly once you enter marketplaces such as China wherever the no-compromises tactic doesn’t work out closely as well.

So it’s no astonishment that Xiaomi, one of the larger smartphone creators in the People’s Republic, will make its flagship device, the Mi 6, so apparently pedestrian: it has by now proven it could do new and strange with the Mi MIX, but today it’s time to really sell devices, so some corners unavoidably have to be cut to be capable to deliver good specs at a modest price.


One of the Mi 6’s key features is its twofold 12-megapixel camera set up, which is a hot style these days

Xiaomi creates a big deal out of the fashionable reflective glass that covers the total of the Mi 6’s back, however in reality its glossiness is nothing to write homebased about. The only real garlands on the back are the double camera module on the topmost left, and an Apple-esque “Intended by Xiaomi Amassed in China [sic]” marking on the lower middle.

The front of the Mi 6 is as nameless as can be: it might easily be wrong for a Huawei P10, OnePlus 5, or practically any OPPO otherwise Meizu device out there immediately. This is not a big deal per se, however it offers the phone a very unlucky “been there, done that” artistic which doesn’t precisely mesh with its high-end specs.

The metal frame adjacent the Mi 6’s boundaries plays host toward an IR blaster fixed at the top and stereo speakers which could be found on the bottom.


Seeing as the Mi 6’s value range is in the low end of the flagship range, it’s merely natural we’ll be sighted a few corners get cut. Such is the case by the display, a 5.2-inch, Complete HD LCD panel, which is remarkably cold and imprecise in terms of color demonstration. To Xiaomi’s acclaim, this could be fixed, but only inside a puzzling settings menu which privileges to affect the distinction instead.

The glass panel in facade of the panel does not appear to be fairly durable, as it managed to choice up some justly noticeable scrapes in the week otherwise so we used the phone — bad news for persons prone toward handling their devices more roughly.

Performance plus battery life

Inside, the Xiaomi Mi6 latest mid-range phone comes extremely well-equipped. The Mi 6 packets an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the similar chip used in HTC’s U11 plus the Sony XZ Premium, at a portion of the price. There’s furthermore 6GB of RAM and a select of 64GB or 128GB of storing but no microSD card support.

Naturally, it’s an unbelievable performer. A Geekbench 4 single-core total of 1,923 is on par by all of 2017’s flagships – counting the Galaxy S8, as well as its multi-core outcome is just as estimable at 6,729.