When you need a plumber, you want a good one. Water damage costs can be insane and the quicker you can fix a problem the better it is. It is better to fix a pipe than replace drywall, carpet, and furniture. While a band-aid approach may get you through the night, you want a plumber who is going to follow up and make sure it stays secure while he waits for parts to come in. If your water heater dies, you want to fix it as soon as possible.

You have probably experienced it. A twenty-five dollar part costs five hundred dollars because of labor and manpower hours. The person who does the quote to fix what needs fixing is not the same person who does the job and there is confusion that costs more money. The fewer people involved in a repair, the better it is. Consistency, when you are paying for repairs, is really important because the final bill should not come as a total surprise.

A smaller company could be just what you are looking for. A company that consists of three to four plumbers that answer to one person instead of an entity known as “Corporate” lowers costs. There is one person that can make the decision to charge you for an unexpected expense, or go on with the repair at the quoted price. The personalized care you get from a one-man company with the manpower of a larger company is why companies like Plumb Perfect Plumbing exist.

There are common and uncommon repairs that need to be done on a water heater. Because it is something that gets used consistently you want to have a quality repair company do the repairs. The goal is to keep your costs down by making lasting repairs. When that cannot be accomplished, the best way to save money is to bite the bullet and get a new one. If you do end up having to go the route of installing a new one, a reputable company such as Plumb Perfect Plumbing can advise you as to what heater is right for you.

Why should you hire a plumber instead of doing the repairs yourself?

  • A professional can make sure all codes are fulfilled.
  • Safety should always be a concern. Electrocution or fire is a possibility when dealing with a water heater.
  • The work is guaranteed when a professional does it. If it does not stay fixed, they can come back out and look again.
  • If you are not certified to repair your water heater it can make an insurance claim a pain.
  • When you D.I.Y. you may end up paying more for unnecessary parts.

Do it yourself projects are great. You get your hands dirty and when something is done you have a sense of accomplishment. If you lack the knowledge and skill to work with any appliance, especially if it mixes water and electricity or gas and fire, having a professional come out is just a wise choice. A professional with years of experience who does everything possible to keep costs down is definitely a tool you should use. Contact Plumb Perfect Plumbing today for a quote for any of your plumbing needs.