Dharma Offers Full Transparency and Low Pricing

There’s no deception or secrecy with Dharma Merchant Services. The company provide rate comparisons will full disclosure. What’s more, they will even disclaim the fact should their own rates not be the most competitive and then point you as a potential customer in the direction of a better fit to your requirements.

Merchant Services
Merchant Services

With Dharma, you’re assured of:

  1. Full disclosure with respect to policies, terms, and pricing.
  2. Fixed rate pricing which is both low and fair.
  3. Zero early termination fees, and only industry rate price increases are passed on to the customer.

Quick and Hassle-free Startup

The process of submission to approval normally occurs within as little as two days, though it does frequently occur on the same day. And although gaining approval does occasionally happen as quickly with other providers, where Dharma is concerned, given that they work together as a cohesive team, there’s no delay with terminal setup which often does take some time to process.

The company also offer a paperless sign up mechanism, as opposed to having to wait for faxes or “wet” signatures. And what this means is that it’s instant turnaround. You submit your application; you receive a Docusign from Dharma; within a single hour, your application may be submitted to underwriting, and approval usually happens within a few hours from then.

Top-rate Customer Service

Give Dharma a call and you’ll immediately be speaking with a real person who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the services they offer. It’s a small business and they work on a first-name basis where your concerns are their concerns.

They understand exactly how payment processing issues will impact your business in a real-time manner. There are no commissionable sales personnel, and thus no incentive to vary service level from one referral to the next, or to afford priority to one particular account over another.

Up-to-date Equipment at Lower Prices

You get up-to-date equipment which is more than fairly priced. All pricing is fully disclosed and Dharma offer interest-free payment plans over the duration of three months.

All equipment that you choose is fully tested before download. Further, the equipment is “future proof,” which means that there is no chance it will become obsolete any time soon. You may have found that other providers vend older terminals that become redundant over the course of a 12-month period. Why should they do this? In order to deplete their inventory at the expense of the customer.

Sustainable Practices

Dharma does not manufacture their products, but they still manage to make a valuable contribution to the environment simply by operating as a company that makes conscious, individual choices for their customer base.

When it’s possible to achieve, Dharma select local, socially responsible, sustainable, minority-owned suppliers and vendors. They also make a point of being mission-aligned with their business partners, and that includes the banks that they work with and also with respect to their shipping policies.

Commerce with Added Compassion

Business should, at least where Dharma is concerned, represent a force for the good. They rely heavily on fair pricing tactics as well as honest business practices. After all, conducting business should never simply be about focusing on the bottom line alone – a happy merchant will induce a happy workplace, and the team culture at Dharma value social and business responsibility as much, if not more than, any of their competitors.

In early 2012, Dharma was given the accolade of becoming one of the first legal Benefit Corporations in California. In other words, they are regarded as a new corporation subtype that intend to free all their directors from endeavoring to make the soul pursuit of financial performance a priority.

That directive has been shifted towards the creation of a company which takes account of the general public’s greater benefit, together with an undercurrent of positive material impact on both society and the environment.

Furthermore, they are a B Corporation, with an additional influencer being Conscious Capitalism movement, whereby the aim is to provide beneficial value for people and planet alike.

Giving Back to Society

Dharma was responsible for the donation of over $100,000 to nonprofit organizations in 2014. They selected from five categories of nonprofit as a company, and also afforded each member of their staff the opportunity to appoint a nonprofit organization of their own choosing.

Ever since 2008, they have donated profits each and every year to help support charitable organizations.