Yes, you read it correctly. We totally miss the Non-Retina Macbook Pro and believe that it was the best MacBook ever. If you remember, the last known update of the Non-Retina MacBook Pro came in 2012 after which Apple pushed it into oblivion and got busy launching and updating Retina Macbook Pros.

Now, according to a report by Apple Insider, some Apple stores in the US have discontinued selling our beloved Non-Retina Macs. The tech blog found out that the number of stores doing the same was only increasing, and it is no mystery that they are acting on orders from Apple.

The Non-Retina MacBook was our absolute favourite, even though, as we have mentioned in this article, it was never updated after 2012. We will totally miss it. Why? Well, because it was the best! It used to work at par if not better, than all the latest PCs. Though it came with only 4GB RAM, you could easily upgrade it to 8GB, or even 16GB.

If you are one of the people who uses their laptop primarily for browsing the internet and don’t really like to load it with the newest operating systems, then the preloaded RAM that it comes with would be more than sufficient for you.

Now that these babies have been discontinued, it feels like the end of an era. In one of our previous articles ( we talked about how special this model of MacBook is for us. The entire team at Applesutra owns one of these and despite its age, the Non-Retina Pro is very dear to us.

Another special thing about this model was its hard drive flexibility. It came with a standard 500 GB hard drive. Now compare it with the much higher-priced MacBook Airs and Retina MacBooks that start from 128 GB hard drive. Yes, yes, we know the newer MacBooks have SSDs (which are faster than the conventional hard-drives) but did you know that you can install SSDs in the Non-Retina MacBook Pro as well? And the model also had a DVD drive, which could be replaced with an additional hard-drive slot! Talk about more for less.

Yeah, you can laugh at us as much you want to, but you will be lying to yourself if you say that you don’t have a stack of unused DVDs, which you bought once, only to find out that your new laptop’s hardware is not designed to play them. A DVD drive is not a burden; it is an asset if nothing more. Also, as we have already mentioned, the Non-Retina Pro gave you the option to change the DVD drive with an additional hard-drive slot. So yeah, it was flexible.

The model was also easy-to-repair. True, it was not as sleek or sexy as the new design, but then all the sexiness goes poof once we see the repair bills. The Non-Retina laptop was simple and low-maintenance. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the ‘best value for money’ Mac. It was sturdy, compact and could do loads of thing at a much lower price.

We would like to stress on the fact that the Non-Retina version of MacBook Pro with a 16 GB RAM, SSDs and all the upgrades would have still cost lesser than the 128 GB only Retina MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Heck, the MacBook Air does not even come with a 500 GB RAM, which can easily be installed on a Non-Retina MacBook Pro.

This MacBook scores high even in the looks department. Yeah, it is reasonable, flexible and does not come with lengthy repair bills. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, Apple, by removing our favourite little thing from the shelves has told us, in a way, that we cannot have too much of a good thing.

This laptop truly epitomised the saying – Old is Gold. Now, that it has been discontinued, we cannot do much about it but drown ourselves in the latest Apple products. By the way, did you know that Apple has given the MacBook Pro a big price cut in India? Well, check it out here