In today’s complex and Omni-channel business landscape, leading organisations and marketing specialists need to focus on how to make most out of their workforce management system.The same scenario is with telemarketing companies that are striving to carve a niche in this competitive market place.

Telemarketing is a direct marketing technique that helps businesses in outreaching wide audience, soliciting prospects, and increasing brand awareness.As the global marketplace is flooded with myriad marketing options that improve sales and customer acquisition, chief business decision makers have started inclined towards efficient telemarketing services for small businesses that can help them to gain insights into target markets and promote their products/services. Of late, it has been revealed that many telemarketing firms struggle to deliver expected solutions to clients. The primary reason why such companies fail to meet the customer expectation is the lack of well-defined workforce management system.telemarketing-services-for-small-businesses-1026x660

To achieve a competitive edge in the evolving market, it is important for telemarketing call centres to have right resources in the right places and of course at the right time.  A well-defined workforce strategy ensues that agents are skilled at handling any kind of interaction (voice, chat, email, IM, etc.) so that telemarketing company can provide top-of-the-line customer experience, each and every time.

In this guest blog post, we will discuss how telemarketing firms can ensure effective management strategies that results into proficient outcomes.

Workforce management (WMF) can be defined as a well-integrated suite ofstrategies and techniques followed by companies to optimise their overall efficiency. WFM is a crucial business endeavor that ensures efficient accomplishment of various activities focused on meeting customer expectations efficientlyand emphasising strategic business goals cost-effectively. In telemarketing business practice, workforce management plays a strategic role, and therefore, this has been a hot trend amongst multiple businesses and marketing specialists.

Telemarketing firms worldwide are striving hard to incorporate performance-driven workforce management strategies that can help them to achieve organisational objectives. As the business world is transforming with the constant evolution of new technologies and business practices, it has become quite important to ensure efficient workforce management system in telemarketing firm son individual, departmental and industry levels. Workforce management is a division of human resource management that encompasses all the activities that must be performed to maintain a productive workforce. Such activities involve planning, scheduling, organising and monitoring. WFM strategies are focused on teaming up with specialties,skill sets, and expertise of staff with appropriate business function at the right time.

To incorporate workforce management strategies in telemarketing call centres, marketing leader needs to be wary about following factors.

Make standard policies and procedures: To operate a telemarketing call centrewith utmost consistency andtransparency,it is essential to make standard policies and procedures.This helps in maintaining employee’s attendance, scheduling, and leave. On top of that, in this initiative, it must also be ensured that each agent of a companyis awareof the truth thathe/she is beingtreated without any partiality and all procedures and policies are well-defined and implemented across the organisation.

Time and attendance tracking:In this tech-oriented age, no telemarketing companies can afford to involve managers in monitoringthe time and attendance of working staff in their respective teams.A complete automation of time and attendance tracking in telemarketing companies can help in saving the valuable time of managers and other top position leaders. Also, this helps in minimising the scope of partiality within the organisation.

Pay attention to self-service options:With the self-service options in appropriate telemarketing services for small businesses, one can anticipate a drastic increase in their overall efficiency and productivity.In this way, companies can empower staff to enter their leaves, schedule meetings, cite IT requests, which can further be transferred to appropriate department for approval purposes.Importantly, automation or self-service options can help in eliminating the workloads of managers, and this certainly strengthens employee relationship with company.

Adopt flexible working strategy: To increase business agility, it is important to adopt flexible working strategy.Telemarketing call centre must integrate the strategies pertaining to remote or mobile working, as a great number of employees nowadays prefer flexible office hours. Therefore, by ensuring flexible working strategyto the workplace, telemarketing companies can ensure the better work-life balance.

In short, to increase the productivity of your staff, it is essential to in corporate efficient workforce management strategies.