We all have friends who may be just a call away while others could be miles apart from us in another continent or country. No matter what may be the distance between our friends, the bonding and emotions are always strong irrespective of the distances and time zones.

There are moments and occasions when we want to celebrate our happiness with our friend who is living at a far off place like Canada. Or it could be the birthday of your best friend residing in Canada or any other occasion and we are looking to send gift to Canada to express our best wishes to him/her.Check out the few gift ideas for your friend in Canada for any auspicious occasion.

Gift him/her a bracelet about your friendship-You and your friend may have spent a good amount of time together and there will be lots of sweet memories of your friendship. Why not gather another sweet memories for the two of you in the form of a lovely bracelet? You can engrave a small picture of your friendship, nicknames and other such phrases as a testimony of your long lasting relationship. Don’t worry about the delivery of your gift to Canada as there are numerous shipping carriers and companies that can help you send gifts to Canada from India in a seamless manner.

Send him a jar of homemade pickles, candies or chocolates-Recall the days of your adolescence when you and your friend were enjoying the favorite homemade pickles, candies or chocolates. So, what if you both are miles apart from each other? You can still send a jar of his/her favorite homemade pickles, candies and chocolates as gifts to Canada as a remembrance token of your friendship.

Buy a wonderful sweater or any other woolen item-The overall environment in Canada is cold and dry as it is near to the Arctic region. It definitely makes sense to buy a cool looking sweater, muffler, gloves, coat, scarf or any other such woolen item which could be utilized as a daily use item by your friend. It will be something which will keep him/her warm and will add a new dimension to your blooming friendship.

Give a cute personalized gift- Of course, there are numerous expensive and luxurious things to gift your friend staying away in Canada. However, will they match the personalized gifts in terms of the significance, emotional appeal and visual appearance? The answer is simple, no. It is important to add a personal touch to your simple and not so expensive gifts. You can send gift to Canada that could comprise a personalized diary, coffee mug, key chain or other such stuff that could further cement the strong emotional bond between the two of you.

Send a collage of pictures-Pictures and videos are a great way to help you recall the old sweet memories of your life. You should try to relieve the old memorable time spent with your best friend in Canada by creating a beautiful collage of pictures about the best moments of the time spent with your friend. This would definitely be a great gift for your friend in Canada.

So, don’t worry about the safe and quick delivery of your gift to a friend in Canada. All you need to do is just follow any of these ideas to send memorable gifts to Canada for your friend.