Walkera, the innovator in creating the racing drones, is all set toward hit the novel Furious 215 into the marketplace. Walkera rodeo 110 plus Walkera Furious 215 was primarily unveiled at CES 2017, as then there is lots of attention to these two racing drone. Furious 215 comes by 215mm wheel base as well as best suited for both proficient racing events plus casual FPV indoor flying.

The exciting feature of Furious 215 is the carbon fiber air frame by independent replaceable arms, each gauging 4mm in width – low maintenance price in-case of hard bangs, though Walkera promotion 215 as crash proof, prepared of high power carbon fiber.
Walkera Furious 215 Airframe is combined with PDB that is formed in line with airframe bottom plate toward totally fit it. Electronic speed controller (ESC) output ranges to arms, greatly restriction the distance of the welding rope. Onboard lively beeper and included OSD, provided through OSD tuning connector at its bottommost for the drive of tuning.

In adding, furious 215 derives equipped with majority F3 flight controller, which allows flyers to perform independent fine tuning. Boot key is furnished on the flight controller toward brush and upgrade beta flight plus clean-flight through SPracing F3 firmware.

Video Connection
The excellence of the video link is fine; obviously there is an analog video linking always some talk of disruptions in audio, however these are not insuperable Furious 215. Of course, moreover has the choice of the video glasses are moreover pertinent factors. It is also good to distinguish that the drone diffuse power can be simply adjusted.

Suitable for racing earnestly with
the drone is promoted as actually ready to fly : LiPo it, fasten propellers plus antenna AA batteries in the radio component, bind plus start flying. The feature that the furious 215 is real suitable for learners drone racers is revealed by the detail that these flies very steady. This is partly because of the leveling-mode, which aids to keep the drone correct. Yet the F215 very forceful and receptive to drive outcomes, and consequently the drone flawlessly suited to racing through it effectively.

Another very welcome device is built On Screen Display (OSD) functionality: estimated useful info on the image of the FPV camera as an artificial prospect, the real battery voltage, and an indicator of whether the drone equipped or deactivated is. The drone is moreover provided with a gesturing solves beeper: the drone in the doubtful event down toward the ground, then a loud audio signal is whatever makes it easier toward regain the drone again.

Decent plus tasty complete
the Furious 215 is similar the other prepared to fly fpv racing drone in the array of Walkera delivered delicious complete: also the drone itself you would find a Lipo plus charger in the box, six propellers, certain loose tools for acquiring of the props, plus the controller 7 Devo. Essentially you so no requisite if you want toward fly the drone, except you go for a real first person view-experience: you have just toward purchase a video glasses, however now gives you a few cash at home