S / N (signal-to-noise ratio) of the local signal which is injected into the first IF mixer one of the most important factors is the recipient properties to improve in ultra-multi-signal environment.

In the FT DX 1200 produce a combination of high stability and high accuracy 40MHz TCXO (± 0.5 ppm, -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C) DDS and the fundamental frequency of the radio, and in the PLL locked directly -IC and VCO. This construction of the DX circuit and method generates a local signal with high quality, superior performance of S / N


IPO three parameters – a better reception to change the boundary conditions

IPO 3 configuration steps allows the operator the best to choose appropriate gain for better signal reception. This variety of options offers excellent performance and a receiver for the best possible communication with the changing conditions of the belt.

IPO (Intercept Point Optimization) is selected by a control switch on the front panel. The IPO selection determines the gain of the amateur radio RF amplifier. The gain setting is very effective to improve in the performance of the receiver, depending on the antenna and the communication conditions of propagation. The IPO, ATT and RF amplifier stage used to optimize the signal levels sent to the mixer.

High quality audio with stamp

The modulation circuit 1200 uses the FT DX digital modulation operating variation, ideal to create audio transmission quality.

  • microphone amplifier, parametric equalizer includes

The modulation circuit 1200 uses the FT DX variation of digital modulation mode, ideal to create audio transmission quality. The radio has a parametric equalizer that allows versatile adjustment of audio quality TX align the audio frequency band TX. The parametric equalizer can modify separately the low, medium and high audio portion. This parametric equalizer three stages may TX Audio produce sound quality as it can be tuned in detail … without the dignity of Audio sacrifice.

  • IF DSP speech processor – DX’er and tested Contester

Voice Processor SSB used when the digital signal processing, the intelligibility of the signal to increase fully transferred during conditions of weak signals. The DSP increases the average power of the major components of the speech spectrum and decreases the transmission power of the less important components.


Ask the signal transmitted SSB better Suite adjust the compression level in Menu Mode her voice characteristics, the situation, the propagation conditions and the stacked requirements.