Ven pongal or karapongal is the one of the popular and favourite dish for breakfast in Tami Nadu. People of this state love this dish more than any other dishes for its simple but superb taste and health benefits. This is an amazing and delicious aroma and is served on almost all of the occasions. The taste gets doubled when served the sambar and coconut chutney.


There is no doubt that most of the delicious food items require costly ingredients. Pre-set generation looks for tasty dishes that can be cooked using the ingredients available in the home. Just have a look at the recipe of ven pongal in tamil. It needs a small number of ingredients and that too is simply available there in your home. This is what makes this dish so favourite among almost all families of Tamil Nadu. At present, the dish is also gaining importance in other states.

Easy to cook

Most of the families have gone nuclear and most of them experience a shortage of time. When both the members of the family have jobs, morning cooking seems to be a difficult task. It is not good to make regular use of ‘minutes to make food’ to keep you healthy for a long time. But ven pongal is a pure homemade item and that can be made in short time with ease of hands with other activities. It is just a mix of normal rice and moong dal along with some natural ingredients that are rightly present in your racks.

Simple dish

In South India, venpongal is made simple with just the mix of basic ingredients with rice mentioned above and served with chutney, sambar, and vada in most of the hotels. When it is in the home you can make sambar, chutney or both as you wish. In North India, this dish is made with seasonal vegetables and is called khichdi which at present gains international attention in the list of Indian dishes.

Keeps body balanced

The food is rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates and promotes physical health of the body and keeps the body balanced. The food also helps the body from easy recovering from any of the deficiencies that can turn into a serious disease at later period. The food gives utmost satisfaction in the morning and makes a feel that you are filled. It gives extra energy and spirit to engage in regular activities and the job. This dish is also affordable when compared to other dishes in hotels and restaurants.

Try it in your kitchen

This food can be cooked hard or soft as you wish. The use of black pepper helps the body to be free from any of the problems related to throat infection and cough. Pepper with salt is one of the best natural solutions for a cough in both adults and kids. At present, you can get the best recipe of ven pongal in Tamil. Get it and make it for a special day with your guests. There is no doubt that the guests will appreciate you for having a delicious and delightful dish.