Did you know that the foods that you eat on a daily basis could contribute to your chronic pain, or lack thereof? For example, overindulgence in white sugar over nutritive foods can deplete your storehouse of nutrients, which means that you won’t have the required nutrients for fighting inflammation before it manifests physically.

To get rid of chronic pain and health problems that accompany it, your diet should comprise less of refined and processed foods that cause inflammation and more of natural sweeteners and healing fats and anti-inflammatory vegetables. This isn’t easy to do at the beginning, but if you consistently work towards leading a nutritious lifestyle, your rewards will be great.

Bear in mind that much of your healing processes begin with your mind. Eating healthy on a daily basis sends the message to your mind that you love your body and are doing your best to protect it. Your body in turn won’t fight you by causing inflammation in various parts.herbal tea

How to prepare your herbal teas

You can take different herbal teas to fight your inflammatory response. Try out a different kind of tea each day to maximize on the healing effects of herbal teas in existence. Some have naturally spicy, fruity and/or woody flavors that you will enjoy.

  1. Select long-brews for roots and leaves of medicinal plans to increase their potency
  2. Do not boil delicate leaves or flowers, which may destroy or lessen their benefits. Instead, steep in hot water for anything from 10 minutes to two hours, to yield strong teas whose beneficial aspects have been preserved.
  3. Do not steep caffeinated tea (white, green or black) in overly-hot water or for any longer than 7 minutes. This will cause the caffeine content to be high and result in a bitter brew that is unpleasant to drink.
  4. You can serve your steeped teas with ice or hot. You can add natural sweeteners like honey, as well as spices or lemons to improve taste.
  5. Talk to a doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding so that you can only use teas that are safe for both you and baby.

Herbal teas are soothing, healing and hydrating. Making a fresh cup of tea from natural plant parts is recommended, since the fresh plant has stronger healing properties, and comes less expensive than packaged teabags.

Some herbal teas you can use

  1. Cranberry rose hip herbal tea – cranberries and rose hips have high vitamin C content, and can improve your immune system. Acidity from cranberries prevent adherence of bacteria on the bladder, preventing UTIs and bladder infections.
  2. Ginger tea – ginger is used liberally in countries like Japan, which also happens to have one of the longest life expectancy rates worldwide. Use ginger root tea for resolve an upset stomach or cure soreness in joints.

There are many other examples that you can experiment with, including peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile and mint among others. However, always consult your doctor if you have a known disease or are taking any other long-term medications to prevent undesirable interactions.

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