Are you frustrated of the weak signal? Are you trying to find the solution? Before seeking out the solution, you should know in advance that the common problem relating signal reception disruption is the problem related to the use of cell phone in indoor area. Some certain indoor areas have their own obstacles that prevent the coming signal partially. The problem is such a chronic problem as most of cell phone users do their daily activity inside buildings; of course they have the walls that can interfere with the coming signal.

At least there are a lot of methods to solve the indoor signal problem; one of them is to use 3G Internet Signal Booster. The signal booster will help you in boosting the signal and broadcasting it to certain area. The use of this tool is much recommended. You must realize that every signal booster type operates differently based on their compatibility. Generally, you can’t find a signal booster that can be applied on every cell phone type.1

Two common types of signal booster:

At least, there are two popular types of signal booster; femtocells and signal repeaters. The femtocells play its role as a cell tower. The femtocells are connected directly to user’s home network. The femtocells eliminate what called the reliance on cell phone tower. The signal repeaters work by catching signal from a cell tower, then amplifying the signal into a building. The signal repeaters are free of a carrier, so they are commonly manufactured by third parties.

Ask for information as much as possible

You can ask your family and friends for their recommendations relating the signal booster. You can also visit a lot of forums that discus the cell phone and mobile-related technology. Remember that the Internet is the biggest source of information ever made.