An MBA is one of the most popular career choices among Indians. An Economic Times report suggests that India sees over 3 lakh MBA graduates every year. But the same report suggests that only 10-20% of the 3 lakh are actually employable. This is because people pursue courses in fields that are fraught with high levels of competition without considering future employment prospects. One solution to this is to instead pursue one of the several unconventional courses that are gaining traction now, and are poised to tap into sizeable market shares in the years to come.

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If you are about to choose an MBA course, here are a few less trodden paths.

  1. MBA In Manufacturing Management

The world economy thrives on the manufacturing sector, but an MBA in this field doesn’t see many takers. The demand for manufacturing managers is expected to increase. Particularly now that campaigns like Make In India are bringing about accelerated growth in the manufacturing industry. So, why not advance your career in a field that is set to take the country by storm?

  1. MBA In Risk Management

Every venture comes with its own train of risks and rewards. Even seemingly simple ‘yes or no’ questions come with a certain degree of inherent risk, depending on the context. India recently witnessed the wrath of Cyclone Phailin, which destroyed thousands of households and displaced million more in Uttarakhand.

During this trying time, the country also experienced a shortage of assessment managers, who could assess the damage that was done and the compensation that the people were entitled to. An MBA in Risk Management would help you step to the forefront during situations like this, while also making you a high-value hire for businesses around the globe.

  1. MBA In Operations Research

An operation research subject MBA is one of the most required, yet least chosen, career paths. India is currently going through a startup boom, where every individual is willing to bet on their ideas and start off on a bold venture. When people set off on these paths, they need others to work with them to set up the integral support systems. Operations research is one of these integral roles in the current business scenario.

There you have it. These are some of the unconventional MBAs that people haven’t yet ventured into in numbers. An MBA course in any of these fields will help take your career down a less trodden path filled with immense potential for growth and innovation.