With airfares and hotel prices rising every year, it’s good to know that at least car rental prices are still thinking about the users’ pockets. If you’re also a cost-conscious traveler and want to have fun on your trip as well as don’t want to add a dent in your pocket, using car rentals in New York car rentals services is definitely your call.adv_advice-auto-5MaintenanceTipstoKeepYourCarRunningLonger_img

Be Online Savvy:

Online companies are always a better option to start with your search for a trustworthy New York car rental company. As these companies have low maintenance charges due to their online services, they are able to offer much better deals to their customers.

Avoid Renting Cars at Airport:

Although, renting a car from airport seems to be the most convenient thing to do, but it can definitely turn into a major inconvenience while you’ll be paying the fare. If you’re new to New York and looking for a rental car, you need to know the fact that airport counters often add tacked-on fees and taxes while providing rental car services to the tourists (to raise funds). Hence, avoiding this option can actually save you a good part of your traveling money that can be used for other purposes.

Small is Better:

Yes, opting for a smaller car rather than big models and SUVs will be a far more affordable and pocket-friendly option. You might also get lucky – in case the car booked by you is not available, the car rentals in New York might automatically upgrade you to a big car without any extra fees.

Larger is also better:

Renting cars for larger period of time is again a good option as renting a car by the week or even longer period can ultimately benefit your pocket by giving cheaper per-day costs. The reason behind this arrangement is that cars having a week or more renting period has lower weekly rate as compared to a daily rate.

Look beyond the Big Brands:

It might be worthwhile looking beyond the big picture and exploring small car rental companies in the car. There are a lot of secondary brands available in New York that are known to deliver a quality car at much reasonable rates as compared to the big names in the market. However, make sure to check the locations covered by these smaller companies as they tend to have fewer locations covered and fewer numbers of vehicles as compared to bigger names.