The acting industry is almost as competitive as the corporate world. Young people who are ambitious and enthusiastic about making a successful acting career are taking more interest in attending acting classes. Also, actors must stay in constant training to enhance their acting capabilities. It is known fact that even established and successful actors attend acting courses and workshops to get themselves ready for specific roles.Surviving-In-The-Acting-Industry

How to Choose an Acting Course in London?

The acting and drama scene in London is pretty active. Many schools, colleges, and universities offer training courses. Choosing an acting course in London is an important decision. It often requires deep research to find a course that is right for you. Drama educationists and trainers offer the following tips.

Determine your Needs

Drama schools and universities differ in what they require from the students. On the school level, a drama student is expected to attend at least thirty to forty hours in class per week. On the other hand, universities give more freedom and you can carry on independently. Therefore, you must know your own abilities and needs before choosing. If you have a sufficient background in acting, you can easily opt for a university course. In case you don’t, you can follow basic training with specialist courses.

Research Deeply

A thorough research is recommended before you make a final decision. Research about the modules of the course. Also, note down information about who is going to teach the course. A drama course is highly interactive, so it is important that you are comfortable with your trainer. Moreover, make sure that the course can prepare you for the practical drama environment, for example, if there are going to be public performances?


It is important to learn acting from a well-reputed institution. The National Council for Drama Training to form Drama UK has accredited eighteen schools. It is recommended to achieve a degree from accredited schools but often some good schools don’t have enough budgets to pay for approval. These schools are still good in their work. Hence, you should conduct a deep research as mentioned earlier.

Funding and Loan

Many start-up actors or potential actors don’t have enough money to pay for drama school. You can get a loan if you choose an approved school. In another case, you can always choose a part-time course that allows you to work while learning.

Top Courses offered in London

Following are top three acting courses in London.

Method Acting

Method Acting is an established London acting college with its facility designed to offer courses for students with a platform for reinforcing their mastery and expertise of the craft and career.

The International School of Screen Acting

The ISSA prepares actors for the current industry. The school hosts many acting related activities and is known for thecreation of good TV programs. Two-year courses plus a single week crash course is offered here.

London Academy of Media Film and TV

This particular school is good for aspiring actors. There is avariety of courses being offered. Training is given in particular fields including Film and TV. Courses range from foundation level to masters.