A psychiatrist, much like psychologist, deals in mental disorders and their treatment. However, the two have a big difference – the former is more affiliated to medicine. This means that they focus more on diagnosing, studying, preventing and treating mental disorders from the medical standpoint, they do not study the patient and behaviour. Before you are sure you want to enter the world of a psychiatrist, make sure it is what you really want to do.untitled

Will you like assisting a psychiatrist?

Do you really have the patience and capacity to listen to other people sharing their problems, speaking, being able to capture all the little information that they are giving to you and can you then respond appropriately? If you do not think so, then psychiatry isn’t right for you most probably. But if you think that you are capable of listening to a patient for long hours at a time without getting judgmental, or losing your patience, then you probably have what it takes to be a psychiatrist.  If you enjoy doing it, even better does it sound then. Here are few questions you must ask yourself before you get started in the field of psychiatry:

  • Rather than being in a group, would you mind being in one on one situations?
  • Do you like to let other people lead conversations?
  • Are you able to maintain calm under duress or stress?

Can you assure people place their trust in you? Do you think you are patient person? And if you not, then you may find being an assistant psychiatrist one of the harder jobs you will ever face.

  • Do you really think you are interested in studying the human mind and the many affects medication has in repairing or restoring it to its natural form?
  • Do you interested in knowing more about mental disorders such as PTSD or schizophrenia?
  • Are you good at memorizing? Will you feel interested in diagnosing problems?

While everything mentioned above fits for the main psychiatrist, an assistant psychiatrist too should know all of it to take the place of the main one.

Psychiatry demands patience, both from the patient and the doctor. A mental disorder can take time to get back to normal. And sometimes, in extreme cases, the patient may behave very unusual with the doctor as well.

More and more people, though, are taking up psychiatry in their college level. It needs 4 years of studying and then one year of practicing to become an assistant psychiatrist. This job is becoming very popular in New Zealand where there seems to be a relative dearth of psychiatrists. Budding psychiatrists from different countries visit New Zealand in search of psychiatry related jobs.

If you want psychiatrist assistant jobs in Auckland, then you need to make sure you agree to all the above points. A field in psychiatry also has different departments, and make sure you know which one you are particularly interested in. The job opportunities in New Zealand galore.