There are many reasons that Byron Bay is one of the top travel destinations in Australia. You have miles and miles of truly epic coastal views. You have some of the best beaches in the world, including many top surf spots enjoyed by professional wave riders from around the world. You have a number of top diving spots as well, featuring underwater paradises full of colorful native fish. You also have great shopping, food, and an abundance of nightlife. When you add to this the laid back charm of the local environment, you have the perfect road trip destination.

So if you are loading up the campervan hire and hitting the road in Australia this season, you will not want to miss this jewel. And you will certainly want to hit up the below destinations and activities while you are there.

Byron Bay has many features and countless activities, but you should definitely keep the below on your list.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Here you will find the most majestic sunsets in the world, expansive ocean views, and some of the most sought after waves on the planet. It takes a 45 minute hike, but it is worth it to see the spot that many thousands make pilgrimages to each year.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

You can’t come to Byron Bay without hitting the beaches. The area features some world famous expanses of sand that attract visitors from across the globe. The most popular is Main Beach, and it won’t take you long to figure out why with its white sands, shimmering sunshine, and amazing views. There are some smaller, but just as amazing, beaches as well such as Wategos Beach and Tallows Beach, where you will witness expert surfers in their element.


You don’t have to be an expert surfer to enjoy the Byron bay experience. Even inlanders can hit the waves by taking one of the many professional surfing lessons on offer. Granted, surfing is a tough sport and you won’t pick it up right away, but to get out in the waves and learn the basics is highly recommended for anyone who is interested. It will give you a great appreciation for the sport as well as experience that can lead to your eventually becoming a capable surfer yourself. Surfing is just in the air in Byron Bay, so why not join in?


When it comes to laid back, funky beach towns, they just don’t come like Nimbin anymore. This village is like stumbling into the Summer of Love, complete with Volkswagen minivans, colorful bungalows, health food stands, and an abundance of truly laid back and friendly locals. You also have some stunning surrounding nature, including the world famous Minyon Falls, that is perfect for taking a day hike in.


Byron Bay boasts some of the best diving opportunities in the world, none better than Julian Rocks. This fully protected stretch is home to over 500 species of native fish, massive sea turtles, and even the legendary, and gentle, grey nurse shark. If you are an experienced diver, you can set out on your own. For those not so experienced, you can take one of the many diving and snorkel tours on offer.


There are a plethora of bars and nightclubs within the Byron Bay area, not to mention an impressive number of fine restaurants catering to any taste. Live music is a major specialty in the area, with bands of all genres regularly playing many of the establishments.

Byron Bay has a little something for everyone, so you will most certainly not want to leave this beautiful and fun destination off your Australian road trip bucket list.