The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home people are almost guaranteed to visit, and the sink is one thing they are going to use.  You want to impress while meeting the needs of yourself, your guests and your home.  One of the biggest flaws in buying a faucet is selecting the wrong one and later having trouble with leaks or malfunctions.  Bathroom sink faucets come in almost any shape or size, so choosing the right one can be a difficult process.  It’s important to consider the faucet you purchase carefully and ensure that it is in top working order before you decide which one to buy.  Here are a few things you can look at and take under consideration as you shop for your bathroom sink’s new faucet.bandq-carapelle-bathroom

            First of all think about how many holes you need.  Almost every sink comes with holes already drilled in for the faucet.  If you are keeping your old sink, or have already purchased a new one, the faucet needs to match the number of holes contained in the sink.  You can get a base plate to cover extra holes, and sometimes the base plate comes with the faucet and can be used to cover any holes in the countertop.  You do not want to attempt to drill additional holes into your sink or countertop and end up having to start all over.

            Next consider if you want a single handle or two handles.  Single handle faucets are generally easier to install and easier to use.  The handle is either directly attached to the faucet or installed beside it.  A sprayer is sometimes contained as part of the faucet spout or deck.  Two handle faucets are useful as well, however.  These contain two different handles for hot and cold water and are located on a base plate or mounted separately.

            Consider the type of spout you want to be incorporated into the room.  Do you want a straight spout or gooseneck model?  Straight spouts may often be compact and inexpensive, but there is the possibility you will have to move the faucet and place a pot beneath it.  Gooseneck models typically have higher clearances, but cause splashing if the sink bowl is shallow.  No matter what style you choose, you should ensure the spout reaches the entire sink.  Also you want to make sure the faucet doesn’t look odd when paired with your sink, they should be proportionate in size.

            Think about how much time installing the faucet will take, and how easy or difficult repairs will be.  The easiest way to install a faucet, is to replace the faucet and sink at the same time.  This is because it is easier to install the faucet before installing the sink where it goes. Most faucets come with a guarantee that they will not leak, but if it does leak the manufacturer will only send you the part.  Consider how easy or hard this will be to fix.

            Consider the type of faucet you want.  A single handle faucet is easier to use and easier to installed.  While they take up less space in the bathroom, it may be harder to adjust temperature.  Two handle faucets allow you to better adjust temperature, but can be harder to install.

            Finally, consider what type of features you want included on your faucet.  The first thing you should think about is the type of finish you want included.  There are a number of metallic finishes you can choose from that may make the faucet look nice and protect it from damage.  PVD finished are hard to scratch, but things like drain cleaner that are corrosive can leave slight stains on the faucet.  Chrome is durable, but can be scratched if scrubbed with a scouring pad.  Next, consider the shape of the spout.  Straight spouts are usually inexpensive and compact, but are extremely shallow.  Gooseneck faucet provide more room between the faucet and the sink bowl, but a shallow sink can cause splashing to occur.  Make sure the faucet is long enough not to make a mess in your bathroom.  Single handed faucets may allow you turn water on and off without the temperature setting be lost, but it can also be difficult to adjust the setting.  Two handled faucets may allow easier access to adjusting temperatures, but may be harder to use.

            No matter the style of your bathroom, your home, or your personal style, you should carefully select the faucet you choose.  Remember, this is one thing each guest is sure to notice.  You want a faucet that fits without drawing negative attention to itself and one that you enjoy using and fits your needs.