Roposo is one of the leading fashion social networks; one that connects many fashion savvy enthusiasts under one single platform. The site boasts more than 100,000 posts every month and it has a user base of 2 million fashion enthusiasts which also includes popular celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, NargisFakhri, BipashaBasu, Jacqueline Fernandez and Shipa Shetty.  The site is one of the perfect platforms to search and discover your unique style through several reviews, trend stories, DIY sessions, Natural Beauty tips, and style inspirations. The social network connects fashion enthusiasts and lets them enjoy the best of the latest trends. Here’s how you can popularize your profile and posts on Roposo.

Use an attractive image

If you’re really looking out to impress people with your posts on Roposo, make sure to come up with stuff that makes people go “awww”. No matter whatever is the context of the post, once you back it up with an eye-catching image, getting it reposted and shared will be tad easier. Add up links, questions and videos with the image to make it even more interesting.  Once you do this, your post will gain more visibility and people will end up sharing it and reposting it even more.

Keep your narratives short

Buddy Media initiated a study that revealed that those of your posts that have 80 characters or less turn out to get 27% higher rates of engagement. Considering the extent of content sharing, it indeed makes sense that shorter posts will gain more attention. Nobody loves reading long stories that are backed up with numerous sub-stories. Nowadays, we want things short, swift and crisp. Therefore, in order to ensure the same, try to come up with fashion posts that are engaging, compelling, quirky and at the same time, short. With this, you can engage massive viewership to your posts.Natural-Beauty-Tips-For-Face

Thinking out of the box

Every post you share needs creative and out of the box planning. The post can be an animated and engaging one, only when it passes through a collaborative creative process. Thus, a post which is intended to be used for the generation of lead needs to be developed through a creative process collaboratively between the readers and you.

Pulling off smart strategies

Strategizing is absolutely important for every popular profile. You have to thus formulate some innovative strategies which give an extra edge to your profile. You will have to observe and finally identify the various customer personas. Likewise, you will also have to segment the customers according to their needs and interests. With the help of these expert guidelines you can develop the roadmap to a superb fashion post plan that addresses all the reader segments perfectly.

Add some emotional excitement to the post

Your post will never work if it doesn’t have the much needed emotional excitement. So, if you want to enjoy massive popularity of your brand, buck up on the emotional excitement of the contents. Use powerful emotional drivers and hit your customers hard with more of emotion and less of branding. More branding will give your post a ‘sales write-up’ like feel and your prospective clients will soon drift away from the website.

Try to buck up on the emotional excitement even more, when you use the post in a video form. Give your audience an emotional roller coaster ride with heavy hitting points and more breaks in the content.

Use a compelling title

A title is the backbone of the online. Well, nobody’s going to check your post if the title is long, bland and boring. Try to come up with an attractive title that gives your viewers a much needed ‘click’. Keep some excitement, fun and innovation in the title. If the title turns out to be smart, more people will check out your content and your website will soon be viral.

Create posts that’ll strike the right emotional chords

Powerful post with high emotional quotient is the key to viral sharing. So, if you want your posts to be viral, try to use words and phrases that strike the right emotions. Avoid negativity in the content and try to make it exciting and innovative.

Try to make the readers curious and amazed with your content. Incorporate lines and present your content in a manner that’ll make it downright intriguing. On top of that, you’ve also got to add the elements of astonishment and uncertainty to the content. These elements build an awesome content and make it stand ahead of the rest. In fact, if you follow this strategy, your post will soon be viral. Posting and reposting stuff in Roposo is not really a big deal. All that you need to do is start with a few clicks and things will be smooth and hassle free as you had expected.

Well, that’s all you’ve got to do. Simply follow these small snippets of wisdom to make an emotionally compelling content that’ll soon be viral. Good luck!