Did you ever know that the simple, humble toys that you give your child to play with have so many benefits and can help your child develop various skills, while you just considered it to be something that the children whiled away their time with? So, the next time you go to buy a toy for your child, consider the impact it is going to make on the child’s learning abilities. And why just children, most adults too enjoy playing with certain games, such as puzzles and the hugely popular Lego toys.

For those belonging to another planet, Lego toys are a popular brand of toys which mainly consist of brick blocks, allowing kids to construct and build. Lego, as a brand is universally recognized owing to its popularity and has a huge fan following across all age groups. To know these toys better buy these online and explore its various benefits, irrespective of what your age is. You can type buy lego Australia in the search box and get reputed sellers online.

Lego- Benefits of playing with it


  • Lego toys help develop fine motor skills

Lego consists of bricks of various sizes and dimensions and you construct things by joining the pieces or bricks together. Imagine your toddler connecting the various Lego pieces of differing size and shape. By doing so he is enhancing his fine motor skills and his dexterity. Using the little fingers and applying pressure to pull and push pieces into shape gives the hand dexterity and support which can later ease the writing process and its associated pressure experienced while trying to write.

  • Lego enhances creativity

These toys encourage children to think out of the box as they use the various colours, sizes and shapes of the Lego pieces to make, say for example, a space station or a rocket or a train or anything they wish to as per their imagination. Thus, the creativity and imagination improve with these toys where there is no right or wrong.

  • Lego develops planning skills, persistence and encourages lateral thinking

Lego pieces or sets usually come with a sheet for instructions on how to create the said object. Following those instructions promotes lateral thinking as well as planning skills are developed as kids plan on how they will start the construction and go about completing the entire set-up. In case of something going wrong or seeming amiss they even learn how to retrace their steps and understand what went wrong. By re-doing the construction the kids also develop persistence as they patiently work towards achieving their Lego goals.

  • Lego develops mathematical thinking and problem solving skills

The instructions presented along with the toys require the children to pay detailed attention to it and experiment with shapes, sizes and learn about symmetry and balance. As they go about trying to fit small fractional pieces onto larger ones they learn about division and fractions and develop mathematical thinking ability along with skills to solve problems strategically.

  • Lego develops communication skills and self esteem

As the kids go about exploring and constructing various things with their Lego and explain their construction and describe the building process behind it, they develop skills to communicate effectively, and to express themselves and their thoughts clearly and meaningfully. The toy even helps them relieve stress. Additionally the joy of creating something on their own gives a mighty boost to their self esteem.

Also, playing with the toy encourages teamwork as kids play together working towards the common goal and are an activity worth exploring by any age group.