You may wonder why a smell proof bag would be a useful invention.  However, once you start to think about it you will realize it is something which can be used in a wide array of situations.  The following are just a few of the possibilities available when you have smell proof bags handy:

  • Transporting marijuana – Although this is not legal in all states it is acceptable to have, carry and use it in any places. However, even if it is legally acceptable you will not wish to draw undue attention to yourself.  Smell proof bags can be filled with marijuana and carried safely to wherever you are going.  You can purchase bags specifically for this at
  • Animal droppings – whilst it may not be the most desirable use of these bags, you will appreciate smell proof bags when you have picked up after your pet and are unable to locate somewhere to drop the waste off. If you are forced to carry it for any distance or need to put it in your vehicle then smell proof bags will suddenly seem like a very good idea!
  • Food – You may wish to carry spicy or flavored food with you, perhaps to work or out on a picnic. To avoid the scent of the food contaminating other food products you can, again, use your smell proof bags!

Smell proof bags will do exactly what they say they do; prevent the smell of what is inside them getting out and becoming obvious to the outside world.  But this is not all that they do!  In fact, a smell proof bag will offer the following advantages:


Properly created and sealed smell proof bags will keep moisture out of your bag.  This is because it will seal tightly shut.  This means the contents of the bag will be preserved properly for an extended period of time.  This can be useful for a wide range of substance; including marijuana and other prescription medicines.


To make smell proof bags you need to use quality products.  If you do not then you cannot guarantee they will be smell proof.  A bonus when using this type of product is the bag will not split easily.  The prevention of loss via contamination or simply losing the product can more than justify the price of premium smell proof bags.


The smell proof bags made by the aforementioned firm can be customized to ensure they are perfectly designed for your needs.  The size of the bag can be altered and you can even create your own logo to go on the front.  In addition to the ability to carry products round without others knowing; you will be able to sell your food products inside the smell proof bags.  The lack of moisture and any potent smells may help to increase your sales numbers!

Smell proof bags are FDA approved and can be used to legally carry marijuana or food products.  However, you must ensure that you are complying with the laws of the state you are in; before you travel anywhere.  If you do not you may find the bag and contents confiscated!