Stair Runners is actually carpeting not for your room but for your stairs. It’s popularity is also on top for years; especially if your home has wooden stairs, it is essential to add stair runners. It is available in various styles, color, patterns and size as depending to your stair size and area. In fact as compared to bare wooden stairs ‘stair runners’ would be aesthetically pleasing to your home.

Basically, it is carpeting that runs up your stairs or can be say a piece of carpet that covers the mid area of your stairs; and is used typically over hardwood or tiled stairs. One of the best things is that it is available in almost all the colors and patterns and also in different width. In short, it is actually strip of carpet which is narrower as compared to the usual width of carpet. Stair runners play a promising role to cover the main area in the middle of the stairs while still allowing a little hardwood to be seen.

Stair runners can be a great addition to your home for many reasons:

  • This can be the best option to quieting any intolerable noise that comes from your creaky wooden stairs.
  • When you walk bare feet on your stairs it makes your stairs feel warmer
  • It can be a remarkable improvement for your home or office stairs because it looks super classy
  • Both the wooden and marble stairs can be slippery, especially if its dusty but when you go with stair runners you can be ensure to walk safely on your stairs and less likely to slip and fall most of the time.
  • It will add beauty and elegance to your stairs whether in your home or office. In fact, a beautiful staircase will make a fantastic centerpiece also to impress your guests.
  • Stairs are one of the necessary parts of your home and office and it can add an aesthetic element to your staircase.
  • It offers design solutions for your consideration to your stairs and décor preferences.

Materials that are used to create Stair Runners

Jute and Sisal: Both the jute and sisal can be a best suited material to create stair runners. They equally can add a natural casual look to your stairs and also on the lower side of affordability.

Wool: It is actually a most frequently used and preferred material to creating stair runners; because it is not only natural but durable, soft on your feet and longer lasting on your stairs.

Adding stair runners to your stairs of home or office will be the best use of your money. Because it adds in lavishness, safety and protection of your stairs and it will last for many years.

Going with Floorspace Stair runners can really be the best choice for you because it not only add beauty to your home but also protect you and your family while you walk on your stairs. Just click and bring safety to your home now!