Are you interested in saving your employees from any unforeseen circumstances? This page will provide you with all the valuable information that will free you from all these worries. Most of the accidents that an employee face at the workplace is because of the trips and falls that are often caused at the stairs. The only option that solves the problem is increasing the surface of the steps. This will provide enough room for the employees and the risk of accidents will be reduced to a great extent.

FRP stair nosing can increase the surface area; this is basically a reinforced plastic drawn into sheets which are attached to the edges of the stairs. The edges of stairs are always associated with accidents, trips, and falls. These could be introduced in the commercial areas and domestic areas. The following are the ways the treads save a person from trips and falls:untitled

  • Increased Friction:

The employees are subjected to trips because the slip of the edge. But with the introduction of the Stair nosing, one experiences increased friction which means that the shoe soles and stairs are in constant state of rubbing thus saving the individual from falling off. The increased area also adds to the advantage of the people walking on the stairs. The friction is a necessary evil that saves an individual from any sort of accidents or also rescues the person from falling.

  • Increased Visibility:

One of the positive characteristics of FRP is that it can be drawn into any shape. The products are customized in accordance to the need and choice of the owners. Therefore, it is clear that one can achieve the desired stair tread. The other important characteristics are that the stair treads is that they are colored in neon colors which are visible from far and even in the darkness. Therefore, the stair treads when installed at homes is best for the elderly people with poor eyesight. The bright color is visible therefore there is no risk of missing out a step. This implies that there are no accidents.

  • Addition of FRP Hand Rails:

These are crucial inclusion in complete set up of stairs so that there remains no chance of falling from the edge. The FRP handrails work in collaboration with the FERO treads. They are used on the handrails for better grip. This is an additional support which saves the elderly persons while trotting up and down the stairs. These are also helpful for the employees in marine and petrochemical industries where there exist a harsh environment.

The Stairnosing is a popular choice since they are made of FRP on most occasions which are a durable product and is not destroyed for any environmental or acidic phenomenon.  These are best options to reduce the cost of counting accidental benefits of employees!