Have you been injured because ofother people’s action? If so, then you may be entitled for personal injury compensation.

Schofield King offers you the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer who knows your rights, needs, and the proper compensation for your recovery. We do know that it takes a lot of time and effort to deal with the numerous insurance companies you are seeking claims from. The worst part is that these insurance companies would not even act fast enough so that you can move on and totally recover from your current situation.

Our personal injury lawyer offers services on a No Win No Fee basis. We have our offices strategically located in Sydney where you can visit or call us for an initial assessment of your case.

When we handle your cases, we ensure that you would only pay the legal costs incurred by our personal injury lawyer, but when and only when you receive a compensation for your claim. We are confident of our 100% success rate in winning your case, so you can be sure that you are in good hands. Our Personal Injury Lawyer offers services for the following personal injury claims:

Ø  Vehicular Accident –For serious injuries like spinal, neck, back, head, brain, and other bodily harm that result from accidents with and by any type of vehicle, our experts in motor vehicle accidents can assess your case in order to help.

Ø  Work Related Injury –For  injuries incurred while at work or those that are work-related, our Personal Injury Lawyer knows your rights and what compensation you deserve to be able to resume your normal life.

Ø  Mining Related Injuries – Mining accidents caused by vehicular incidents, tripping, falling and being hit by falling objects are dangerous and would take a lot of time to recover from. That is why we are here to help you get all the benefits and compensation you need.

Ø  Product Related Injury – From fault, malfunction, damages, and the unsafe condition of any product, we would make sure that our lawyers are well informed of the specific product warranty and safety laws to help you win your case.

Ø  Abuse and Maltreatment Injuries – If you are a victim of unjust sexual abuse and assault, our Personal Injury Lawyer can help in getting the justice and receiving the appropriate claims you need.

Ø  Medical Malpractice or Related Event – We can help you with addressing mishandled cases and with demanding the appropriate compensation in order to avoid further complications in your injury.

Ø  Serious Physical Injury Claims and Public Related Accidents– A good example is when you get injured within the premises of a public government on-going construction, which does not have any visible warnings ahead. Some causes of injury would be caused by falling objects, dog bites, and food poisoning.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer practices honesty and will be upfront when discussing your case. You do not to have to worry about the fees as we stick to our No Win No Fee policy.  Your right to be compensated and your recovery is our main concern. Schofield King commits itself to providing you the best legal services that you deserve.