For keeping your siding in good condition, you need to check it on aperiodic basis. Make the inspection of thehouse after a period of six months and after any severe weather. The severe weather conditions are very harmful to the log sidings as they can harm the building very badly. So, after any badweather, you should check the house properly and then refinish the log siding where it is required.

Refinishing the log siding means that your house will look as new and will be maintained for more than an average period. The log sidings that got damaged in the bad weather should be refinished as soon as possible. This will protect the siding from getting fully damaged and of no use. So timely measurements are necessary for refinishing log siding. This will save your time, money and power. You can refinish log siding easily by yourself at home.

Procedure for refinishing the log siding:

Following is thesimple and easy procedure for refinishing log siding of your house:

Check the siding:

Before refinishing the logsiding,you need to inspect the whole siding of your house. After checking the siding properly if you find any damaged or moldedlog siding, you should replace it first and then start the refinishing process of the log siding. If you start the refinishing process without replacing the molded and damaged siding, it will be of no use and never give you any benefit. So, it is better to check the log siding before its refinishing.

Remove debris and dirt:

When you have done the checking of log siding and found the debris and dirt particles on it, or you may find the dust layers coated on the log siding. You need to clean them. You can clean it with the help of broom first. This will help to remove the dust particles from the log siding, and you can see the debris under it in the fixed form. You can remove it with the high pressure of water but be careful while doing this because if you spray water with high pressure on siding standing near the log siding, it can damage your log siding. Therefore, keep a distance from siding while washing it with water.

Apply cleaning solution:

After removing the dirt and debris from the log siding,the spots of dirt can be seen on the log siding. Now you need to remove these spots. These spots can be removed with the help of cleaning solution. The cleaning solution can be made by adding the cleaning bleach in water. Now dip the mop in the cleaning solution and then clean the log siding with it. Start applying the solution on the log siding with amop. When all the cleaning solution is applied on the each part of logsiding, don’t rinse it at once.


When the cleaning of siding is done, you can do the finishing as you want or like. You can paint the siding with the color of your choice. You can stain the siding in the style you want. But when you are painting the siding you should coat the paint color twice on the siding to get agood result and also protect it from the sunlight. In this way, you can complete the refinishing process of log siding.

So it is better to clean the log siding with the cleaning solution and after that applying paint on it because it will stay on the siding for a long period and will also give agood result. If sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair and you want to replace them then you really need to contact professional siding contractors canton Michigan for cost estimation.