Coir is the thick, resilient and brown fibrous outer shell of the coconut. It is part of natural rugs regime and a durable natural rug is produced out of it, which is a segment of natural rugs.

Coir Rugs: An eco-friendly answer

It is an enthralling factor that the outer husk of coconut which is used to make rugs is one of the hardest fibers present in the world. It comprises of lignin, which is one of the strongest fibers present in the world. The other natural fibers which are used to make natural rugs are jute fibers and sisal fiber rugs. When we redesign our home, we always survey the flooring which is impervious and strong flooring. Other factors also contribute like eco-friendly natural rugs which are more advantageous to the home décor.

There are few advantages of the natural coir floor covering:

–    The coir floor covering never rots, so you can feel relaxed as it leaves little chance to fall apart.

–    You don’t need to vacuum your flooring every alternative day in fact coir natural rugs clean dirt and moisture from your shoes. One can be relieved about the children as they often come to home with dirty mud laden shoes.

–    The biggest fear factor in winter is static electricity, as it can be hazardous and coir rugs are free from static electricity.

–    You can wash or clean coir rug easily as they are resistant to dust and mites.

–    It is a healthy solution to the environment and it is key component of the “go green movement”. The longevity of coir fabric is greater as it supports the degradation process. It is already part of renewable energy sources.

–    Coir rug manufacturers are always experimenting with various new designs and patterns of the coir flooring , in order to give a new design to their customers.

–    The coir carpets are highly durable and always suited for the high traffic areas, where other carpets won’t be of much use.

–    Coir carpets are natural rugs and have insulation properties too.

–    One of the enticing features of the coir carpet is its beauty and uniqueness. It will make a fashion statement at your home and visitors will be bewitched by its design and style.

–    Coir rugs are also water resistant as compared to other rugs.

After reading all the miraculous benefits of the natural coir rugs, it is time to redesign your home with unique and beautiful natural flooring.