On December 31st, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held a joyous New Year’s Eve service in front of a huge, jubilant crowd. In case you missed the event, here’s a recap of the highlights of the evening.

Perhaps the most beautiful and uplifting part of the evening was seeing so many thousands of believers packed into one place for a live, televised event. It was not a concert or a match that drew so many to the arena, but rather their desire to hear the Word of God proclaimed. The spectacle of the event filled the hearts of all those watching with hope.

The service started off with a song dedicated to the Lord, featuring the uplifting mantra, “so we lift up our hand to praise your name!” The song was scarcely finished before Pastor Chris himself made a grand entrance, proclaiming, “Come on and give the Lord a shout! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! Glory to God!” The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement, and it was some time before everyone took their seats and the service could continue.

The Pastor’s sermon began with a review of 2017, which he declared a, “year of flourishing” for us all. Thanks to the light of God, he said, we flourished as a ministry and experienced “luxuriant growth.” He then detailed some of the most significant achievements of 2017. The number of worldwide copies of the daily devotional, “Rhapsody of Realities,” he explained, stretched to over 1.3 billion, and the book has been translated into more than 900 languages. The Pastor proclaimed that this was an astounding achievement because the book is a powerful tool to spread His word.

Pastor Chris also mentioned the proliferation of the Loveword network, which spreads the Word of God across mass media, as well as the powerful change brought about by the ministry through the Inner City Mission. He also mentioned the hope that thousands have found at the Healing School and the countless ministers trained in 2017 through the International School of Ministry.

The evening was packed with a full slate of events, and the next was the presentation of the Future African Leaders Awards (FALA), which honor young leaders who are making positive change in African communities. The 2017 winner, Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu, literally fell to her knees as she was overcome with excitement and pride at winning such a prestigious award. Seeing Aliyu fall to the stage in front of Pastor Chris as she basked in the Glory of Jesus Christ was one of the most touching movements of the service.

This was followed by two musical guests. The first was Martin PK, the artist behind the hit 2017 Gospel single “Beautiful Jesus,” and Martin performed a touching rendition of the song in front of the audience. Sinach then performed a song giving thanks to the Lord, and during her song pastors from the Christ Embassy and other parts of the BLW community came to the stage to join her and Pastor Chris.

This beautiful service concluded with Pastor Chris himself taking the spotlight to thank the Lord in front of the enthralled crowd. “Oh Father we thank you, we worship you, we honor you,” he proclaimed. He also urged the crowd to use KingsChat to send the names of family members who the congregation should pray for, and declared that 2018 would be a significant year that must be full of prayer. This was a fitting conclusion to a magical and holy service, and it was surely an evening that none of the thousands watching live or on their televisions will soon forget.