Oukitel has evolved a line of cost range mobile phones but out of all of them, the K6000 Plus probably appears apart the most thanks to its ultra-huge 6080mAh battery, which is twice of that of the common Android operating system smartphone. For US$179.99, the Oukitel k6000 Plus that functions on a respectable amount of rate and digital camera expertise, makes it an eye-catching entry-level system for power-hungry customers.


The Oukitel k6000 Plus isn’t a particularly fancy smartphone. Actually, it’s a rather primary system that looks kind of simply, but yet at the same time, isn’t unattractive either.


The Oukitel phone  has a Full-HD show of 1920 x 1080 pox quality, which is common of cost range mobile phones. It has a pixel solidity of 480ppi, which is above regular for cost range gadgets, and I really liked the quality of the FHD show.


The Oukitel k6000 Plus isn’t designed to be an efficiency giant. It uses an MT6750T processer and comes with 4GB of RAM. This is excellent for its low cost, but it still does decrease when you try operating intense picture or video-editing applications with it together with efficiency applications such as Term or Succeed. Nevertheless, its efficiency for actions are still reasonable. The overall encounter on the software aspects was excellent. Its user interface is not the coolest or most wonderful one you can discover in the market, but it’s genuinely quite as well as user-friendly.


The K6000 Plus is not designed to be a camera-phone either, but it actually launches rather stunning images with its 16MP digital camera under well-lit situation. Color comparison was quite amazing for an inexpensive smartphone and information, although not the best you can discover, was still fairly reasonable. Only under low-light circumstances, the Oukitel phone discovers itself in a little bit of a rut and disturbance will be observed for sure.

Oukitel has certainly hopped on the group of “beauty photos” with its main digital camera on the back even providing a new method for itself known as Elegance where you can modify the toggle bar to see how much you want to “beautify” yourself.

Battery Life

The obvious emphasize of the Oukitel k6000 plus is its 6,080mAh battery. Since the system doesn’t use a very power-intensive processer, you can actually anticipate the Oukitel to have a truly long life expectancy. In my encounter, the K6000 Plus can regular around 3 times worth of average utilization, significance just web-browsing, text messaging and writing on Search engines Documents etc. It might be around 2-3 times if you use it to look at video clips or play actions, but there is really no need to bring an easy battery charger around with it.

In reality, thanks to its OTG abilities, the Oukitel phone can actually itself, act as an easy battery charger to cost your other gadgets such as wireless headphones or even another smartphone, which is fairly amazing.


The K6000 Plus is definitely an excellent buy, especially if battery issues to you a lot. With a processer and digital camera, the K6000 Plus also does just as well, if not better than other mobile phones in this cost range, with the only disadvantage being its reduced mobility due to its large battery.