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To make client life as easy as possible, they promise to answer emails and calls within two days.In other immigration firms, tracking personal case, uploading documents, and filling out questionnaire information are not easy. In Monument immigration, they give around-the-clock access to individual application information with easy-to-use online client portal. They give easy solution when you are in the hunt of fiance visa, a Green Card, or trying to become a citizen.

For many individuals, the Green Card is the ultimate sign of accomplishment. After years of waiting through accretions of coming to America, the card is the proof of achievement. The immigration attorneys at Monument has facilitated many persons successfully file their Green Card applications, but there is still a small misperception in the progression for many people. Many people decide on not to prefer an attorney because of high fee. The Monument immigration system provides honest and easy solution for all cases at reasonable cost. This legal counsel highly focuses on client needs and concerns. From Google to Avvo, they have received hundreds of outstanding reviews, promising statements and several awards for customer service excellence.