Executives who need to travel frequently on business have to deal with flights at unearthly hours, the stress of commuting, waiting at the airport, indifferent quality of food, indeterminate delays, loss of luggage, and extended time away from their families. This can cause huge amounts of stress that most travelers find troubling. The best way of easing the stress is by planning out the various aspects that are high on the bothersome index. Some useful tips:

Plan It Out

By its very nature, business travel is immensely stressful because there are so many things that are arranged back to back with each other, and a single disruption can have a cascading effect, and completely throw your schedule out of gear. The best way is to devote more than just the minimum time to planning your trip. Examine and discuss with your seniors what exactly the need for the trip is; so that you can pare the duration down to the minimum. When you do need to travel, you should make sure that you avoid busy airports, peak travel times, and connecting flights that do not have a comfortable gap in between. If you are constantly on the go, it could be a great idea to spend a weekend rejuvenating at a wildlife destination. For those planning to visit India, explore http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ to discover the attractions of Tadoba National Park.download

Whenever possible, take direct and non-stop flights as then you can avoid layovers and reduce the possibilities of canceled or delayed flights. It is a good idea not to travel on Mondays or Fridays because these are typically the busiest days. Similarly, try and avoid flights that arrive or depart between 7 and 9 am, or 5 and 7 pm because these are the flights that will always go full and you will have to really fight with a crowd. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport so that you don’t have to run to check-in and get your boarding pass. When arriving, allow yourself adequate time to rent a car, and if possible go to your hotel to freshen up before heading out for the scheduled meeting or conference.

Learn to Relax

Long haul flights can be really tiring, so try to skip office work that will require you to concentrate. Instead, do some light reading, listen to music or see a movie, and get some sleep so that you arrive fully refreshed. Eat lightly and make sure that you avoid alcohol as it can dehydrate you and make it difficult for you to overcome jet lag at your destination. Keep the blood circulation going by getting up and walking around every now and then during the flight, and even during meetings that seem to have no end.download

You can learn some simple techniques of meditation that will help your mind and body to relax while waiting at the airport or during the flight. Do not fret about things over which, you have no control such as flight delays or cancellations. Look at the extra time on your hands as a bonus and benefit from it by reading a book that you had long wanted to. Practice deep breathing exercises so that you can fill your lungs with extra air to shake off tiredness. Adopt a sitting posture that will not tire you out by stressing your muscles, especially those in your neck and back.

Take Time Out

It is very easy to succumb to the temptation of organizing back to back meetings that start early in the morning and go up till late nights so that you can get your work done as quickly as possible and go back home. Some executives also use this technique to demonstrate to local managers how driven they are. However, you can do this only for some time and then it will start taking a toll on your mental and physical health. Instead, make sure you leave the evenings free to take in the local culture and to catch up with friends over dinner. However, do avoid excessive eating and drinking as well as very late nights because then you would be taxing your body too much and end up feeling drained.

Author bio: Susan Morel is a freelance HR consultant who is associated with a number of Fortune 500 companies. She conducts periodical clinics for frequent travelers on techniques to bust stress. A wildlife enthusiast, Susan always advises her clients to visit http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ and discover the pleasure of unwinding in nature’s lap.