Writing essay is a major analysis tool for many fields. Professors use this method for analysis of student’s level of understanding of a topic. Essays are also used for submitting thesis, in literature and in business proposals. There are many ways to write an essay. The format you choose will completely depend upon the audience you present it to. There are two main types that are Inductive Writing and Deductive Writing. They both are very different and serve different purposes.

Inductive Writing VS Deductive Writing

  1. Inductive writing is representation of facts and then wrapping it up with a proper conclusion. Where as in Deductive Writing, first you represent an idea and then you have to provide facts and evidence to prove that fact and then end it up with a proper conclusion.
  2. You choose inductive style when you need to present new ideas to the audience. You choose this style when you represent a new idea in short form. The words are limited and the audience will read it completely. You choose deductive writing when you know that the reader will only look for the parts that are important to him or her. It is most likely that the reader will it completely.
  3. Inductive style of writing is used mainly when you are doing creative writing or a persuasive essay. This mainly involves new ideas and much part of it contains creative writing. If you are mentioning some fact then it should be already true and proven. Deductive style is used mainly when you are writing business document, project or a proposal, or a scientific writing. This format is usually used when you are proposing something with enough evidence to back it up. The idea can be new. Scientific thesis greatly uses this format as there is presentation of ideas and proofs. The reader can just read the idea and then the proof and not read the rest of the essay. Also in business proposals the reader can look for the clauses he or she requires and not read the entire document.

Final Say

Both the styles are used to analyze the work of an individual. Whichever style you choose it is important that the facts you are mentioning should be correct. You should proofread your work and should try to avoid words like ‘always’ or ‘never’ as facts can be proven wrong any day. Also, deductive writing, you should avoid asking questions as in these formats you are supposed to provide information.