As the world is moving digital, even the healthcare industry are attempting and succeeding in bringing the best doctors at a single digital unit with an intention to serve the patients globally.  It is a fact that millions of people across the country and globe are in need of healthcare every day. Magento Development Company can make the intention of the healthcare unit easier through developing their website on Magento. The website developed on this platform securely stores all the health related data of the patients for arriving at a better decisions.

Let us explore further about the features and facilities the website may provide for the doctors, patients and pharmacy.

For Doctors:

They are able to get signed up online by submitting the details and documents like Govt. issued ID [Passport, Aadhaar card or the PAN card]; MCI registration number; testimonial copies; license to practice and etc. once the details are submitted, the information gets verified through bluebook, a book created with regulatory bodies, national associations, senior doctors, and so forth. The degrees that match up with the pre-defined criteria will only get displayed on search. This highlights the authenticity and dependability of the registered doctors through the website.

For Patients:

The website could be enabled with features in favor of the patients too and make the website easily accessible for them. In order to secure their privacy, the security features enabled by the Magento developers are crystal clear. The clinical data could be accessed only by the authorized doctors. The data is encrypted in such a way that only the sender and the receiver are able to access the data. The two factor authentication ensures the identity of the person accessing the information. Further, the access zone too could be restricted for locations as specified by the users. And, the access of the patient files is restricted only to the doctors and the other concerned staff is confined for the clinic operations.

For Pharmacy:

The pharmacists are able to sell their medicines, keep a track of their inventory, orders, sales, and more. The patients may order for refill of medicines, place new orders, make payment online, schedule shipping of medicines for home delivery, and more. It could be used for medical equipment purchase for the concerned healthcare unit.

Career options:

Moreover, the website could be used for advertising careers related to the healthcare unit. The doctors, technicians, administrative personnel, and so forth are able to apply for their concerned jobs, receive mails regarding the interview, postings, and any other related schedules.

Magento mobile app development:

Nevertheless to say, today we find everything on mobile. And the healthcare unit app also could be developed. The app generally comes in compressed form to reduce the size for easy downloading. It is beneficial for the doctors, patients and the pharmacists too as things could be accessed anytime from anywhere at their convenience. They are able to make mobile payment transactions too with full secure features.

In a nutshell, the Magento website could be explored to its core for developing a website for healthcare and also its related apps. The apps could be made in multiples serving for different purposes like pharmacy, schedule patient appointment, doctors only, admin block only, and more. It could be customized for their use. Moreover, an interactive blog section could also be made wherein the news regarding new research in the medical field, health tips from various medical experts and articles could be shared. And, last but not the least; social media could also be integrated facilitating creation of Doctor’s community, share knowledge regarding Medicare and so forth. Thus, it brings the community together for a better health tomorrow.