The modern world is complex and development oriented, and there is no shortage of demand for those who have modular skills. The neighbourhood handyman, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, or technician are very good examples of people with employable skills. The domestic electrician can also be added to this list as he serves a very important role in the informal and unorganized sectors of an economy.

Electric wiring, storage batteries, inverters, and lighting are common place in every household, and the skilled lineman is equipped to perform installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs. Electrical faults, installation of electrical attachments and fixing the problems of domestic electrical wiring are very complicated work and if you need to repair or install any electrical parts of your house then always hire the trained domestic electrician.

Importance of Domestic Electrician:

Technical and trade based skills enhance the job opportunities even for school dropouts and the idling youth can seek meaningful employment. Hard skills with hands-on experience create opportunities for earning a good income for everyone.

Competent domestic electricians have the ability to perform a wide range of low cost services without comprising the safety of property. Their role in national development and social progress is just as invaluable as that of a private businessman, government official, white-collared employee, or industrialist.

What Is a Household Linesman’s Job?

The local electric worker has unique skills that accrue tangible benefits for residential property or commercial estate owners. The well trained domestic electricianhas the following set of practical abilities –

  • Expertise in drawing, wiring up and testing the different types of earthing and household wiring or lining network.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of wires, appliances, equipment including their sizes, shapes, brand names, spare parts or components.
  • Creative skills in box upgrades or running the wires through walls, attics, ceilings, and also below the flooring.
  • Identify defects in electrical appliances for troubleshooting, maintenance, and care.
  • Perform fresh installations or replacements of ceiling or mounted fans, electric bulbs, lighting fixtures, decor lights, etc.,
  • Carry out the new installation or maintenance of domestic batteries through careful charging and discharging operations.

Courses in Home-Grown Electrics

The training institutes and community centers impart both hard and soft skills that assist the interested aspirants in becoming a domestic electrician. The courses are usually packaged to impart the following theoretical knowledge and practical expertise –

  • Basic literacy, arithmetic calculations, and allied concepts and principles are revised.
  • Relevant computer applications and communication skills are also imparted during the preliminary and advanced training classes.
  • The course covers electrical installation areas such as shocks, ohms law, co-ordinate system, power triangles, earthing, cables, and different types of circuitry.
  • Basics terminology and standards of inspections, testing, conductivity, resistance, insulation, and polarity are also communicated to the trainees.
  • Advanced concepts fordomestic electriciancourses include special appliance installations, domestic battery care, surge protection, preventive maintenance, etc.,

Types of Electric Workers

Electricity is a complex branch of physics, and the theory and practice of electrical power systems is diverse and multi-faceted. There are different types of electric workers and linemen in the household and commercial markets.

  • Thedomestic electricianis the most popular and universally found lineman who works on household wiring and electrical system. The services range from minor socket repairs to wiring installation that covers the entire home or building.
  • The installation electricians plan and implement the setting up of power, security, CCTV, lighting, fire protection and security cabling systems.
  • The hi-end workers include instrumentation and IT consultants for programmable electronics and electrical heating or cooling systems for an entire building or property.

So now you can choose the domestic electrician according to your requirement only.