Anabolic steroids are synthetic form of testosterone hormone which was ideally developed to diagnose the weight loss problems in some patients. However, later they have been recognized as useful in promoting the growth of muscle and hence are being used by bodybuilders and athletes.Steroids are basically used by body builders and athletes for 2 reasons. One is to increase the performance during workout and hence increase your physique. Second is to use them for body building. Many steroids are being used for body building alone. It is relied on by competitive bodybuilders.

After the first use of anabolic steroids in 1950’s for Olympic Games, they are widely being used by many body builders. The main reason for use is to increase muscle strength and size and get a good physical appearance as well. They also give you good speed in your workouts.

How do they work?

The basic effect of anabolic androgenic steroid is that they work in the form of testosterone. Anabolic means growth of muscles and androgenic means male sex characteristics. When you intake anabolic steroids, they break down into smaller molecules and bind themselves to receptors and can even bind with natural testosterone. After this, the steroid is activated and they start working based on the type of cell they are stored in. And if they are intended for muscle growth, the cells in your body increase the production of protein and more cells are produced to give you more energy. So basically the muscles attached to your bones grow and gain strength.

After puberty, our body stops making new cells and hence the growth is stopped. But with the use of anabolic steroids, we make the body think that it is going through puberty again. Hence, it has many side effects linked to it.

List of few anabolic steroids used by many body builders:













Deca Durabolin


Human Growth hormone (HGH)










Among these, there are few that are typically used for body building which are majorly a blend , format and ester variants of testosterone itself like  Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Suspension, and Sustanon 250. Their capacity to promote and release the hormone depends on the easter variant in them. Hnece, testosterone is considered to be the base of any steroid cycle. Also because testosterone is the body’s natural hormone, it is considered to be important. It helps in building mass, gaining strength and is also good for fat loss.It is relied on by competitive bodybuilders.

Below are the steroids that are stacked with testosterone.



Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin)


List of some steroids and their uses:

Dianabol – used inbulking helps to gain mass, increase weight and strength due to water retention

Winstrol –gives lean mass gain and strength without adding weight. It does not cause water retention.

DecaDurabolin/Nandralone – It helps in bulking and helps in gaining mass.

Trenbolone – it is extremely powerful and gives extreme mass and strength

Anavar – used for gaining lean mass and cutting cycles as well.

Anadrol – used in bulking and gaining mass.

HGH – used for muscle growth

Primobolan – it has high nitrogen retention capacity and hence gives lean muscle.

Equipoise – enhances performance and strength

Stanazolol – enhances power, speed and strength.