Hadoop is open source software from the Apache Software Foundation that used to manage and access Big Data. It was developed when software engineers realised that large amounts of data could be used for analysis but the storage of such large amounts of data would be difficult. Hadoop was released in 2005 and now provides data storage and processing on relatively cheap servers.

Hadoop technology helps companies modify or add to their data systems according to their needs in an easy and quick manner. This also allows companies to work with cheap and easy to access hardware. Hadoop is used by most of the big players from Google to Amazon as they can make their own modifications to the software in order to suit their requirements.

Hadoop is designed in terms of ‘modules’ which take care of a particular task that can be run on a system made to run big data analytics. These modules can be difficult and complex to use and a course on the same will prove to be useful for anyone interested in Statistics: the art and science of learning from data.

There are many sources for learning the in an out of Hadoop. You could choose to learn about the software online where you can pace yourself and learn in a manner that will suit your needs best. Since most of the software is open source, you could also learn from multiple online forums. However, these will not give you an overall comprehensive look at the software; neither will you receive any certification. Most institutions will integrate data analytics certification courses along with material on Hadoop.

Hadoop courses for beginners will cover the basics of what Hadoop is, what its uses are, and the different areas in which it can be applied. You will also be made familiar with the concepts of data analytics, the trends in data, and the types of jobs available in Big Data. Specific aspects of the software will be concentrated on like modules such as MapReduce, Hive, and Pig. You will also be taught how to write your own code for the different modules in order to process data. A good beginner’s course should also let your practice Hadoop modules with Big Data sets.

When learning Hadoop it is recommended that you are familiar with the basic knowledge of SQL and RDBMS. Since Hadoop is open source software, it will be ideal to use a Windows or Linux computer to run the software. The software is available for free download from the Apache website.

Hadoop can be learnt by anyone with an interest in Big Data. From restaurant businesses looking to cut down on service time to politicians making sure that their message is reaching their target base, Big Data has many usages and applications. With a growing interest in the internet of things, there is a real need to be able to process and analyse the enormous amounts of sensory data from these devices in order to generate the ideal response.