In the diagnosis of disease in animals and humans, one of the instruments that is used is the ELISA kit. The initials stand for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. This is a kit that is used by laboratory technicians to detect antigens, peptides and proteins in fluid samples. The kit is available in New York and across the world too.

The kit is manufactured specially for a variety of species. This is because every species has a unique type of body fluids. Thus, the kits cannot be shared across species. As such,the manufacturers of these kits such as MyBioSource produce kits for a variety of species. Examples of these are:

  1. Goose
  2. Duck
  3. Cattle
  4. Pigeon
  5. Hamster
  6. Human
  7. Caprine or goat
  8. Primate
  9. Rat
  10. Ovine or sheep
  11. Canine or dog
  12. Feline or cat
  13. Non-human primates

Thanks to this diverse selection of kits, laboratory technicians have access to just the right kit for the species that they are testing. If one wants a kit to test a species that is not in the list, one can simply contact the manufacturer. They will make one that is specially constructed for the species in question.

What do they do?

The ELISA kits are designed to detect antibodies in samples of protein. One of the proteins that the kit can analyze is the cvcb recombinant protein. Known in full as Recombinant PisumSativumConvicilin (CVCB), this is a protein that can host E Coli, yeast or mammalian cell infection. As such, this protein can be used with the ELISA kit to identify if a host is infected with these parasites. Laboratories in New York make use of this protein for laboratory research.

What are these kits used for?

The ELISA kits are used for the purpose of identifying antigens, and other parasitic items in the fluid sample. They are also used for the purpose of medical research. For example, they are used to study the unique stages of cancer. This study helps the researchers to discover more about the disease for the purpose of healing and management.

Not only does the kit provide a tool for disease research, it is also used for the purpose of discovering the paths through which hormones pass in the body. The kits are essential for discovering insulin pathways as well as oxidative stress hormones.

These kits can be used to test samples of various types. It can detect antibodies and proteins in serum and blood plasma. In addition to those, the kits can be used to test homogenates derived from body tissue as well as cell cultures. As such, it is a versatile laboratory instrument.

Types of ELISA kits

There are different types of ELISA kits used in New York. One of these is the sandwich kit. This kit uses a combination of capture and detection antibodies to detect the disease causing organisms. The technique used to construct the kit ensures that the results are accurate.


ELISA kits are used in modern laboratory research across New York. By using these kits, medical researchers can make progress towards managing or healing these diseases.


Jamie Olivier is a laboratory technician. He has been using cvcb ELISA kits for over a decade. Thus, his knowledge has been used extensively in the above report.