Your home listing is a critical tool for finding the best buyer for your house. Never underestimate the power of these paragraphs. Potential home buyers browse dozens of listings, so the competition is stiff for engaging, readable copy. Don’t rush through the process. Include key details, high-performing phrases, and top-selling features for a listing that will generate real results.

Building Materials

Readers want to know what your home is made of, so make sure your listing includes details that will help them picture the space. Call out the most alluring aspects of the home, such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. If you have luxurious elements like cherry cabinetry, new plush carpeting, or stained glass windows, these are all important inclusions.

The Age of Appliances

Buyers want to know how old the appliances in a home are so they can accurately predict the maintenance and replacement costs they’ll face in the future. It’s especially important to mention the age of your appliances when you have newer features in the home. Compare the age of your current appliances to their expected lifespan. If the features included in your home are nearing the end of their lives, you may find that you can increase the resale value significantly by adding newer appliances before you list the home.

Energy Efficient Perks

Does your home include features that keep the utility bills low? Mention energy savers like a programmable thermostat, newly sealed and insulated ductwork, cool roofing materials, or storm windows. Mention any weatherizing or energy-efficient landscaping you’ve done recently.

Specific Measurements

Descriptors like “large” and “spacious” are fine, but you should follow these with actual measurements so your readers know you aren’t just exaggerating. Use terms like “spacious 2,500-square-foot floor plan,” or “sprawling five-acre lot.” If you have a particularly large room in the home, it helps to mention this as well. Does the home include a finished basement, three-car garage, wrap-around porch, or 1,000-square-foot barn? Include terms that tell prospective buyers all about it.

Eye-Catching Descriptors

Experienced realtors have found that certain descriptive terms appeal more than others to home buyers. Some words that shoppers like to see include “captivating,” “luxurious,” “impeccable,” “beautiful,” “gentle,” “landscaped,” and “spotless.” Buyers are turned off by terms like “clean,” “quiet,” “motivated,” and “value.” Whenever possible, opt for a term that tells the reader something concrete. “Great landscaping” is subjective and dry, but mentioning a pergola, lake, fountain, or basketball hoop paints a real picture.

Local Perks

Your home is only part of what you’re selling. You also need to sell home buyers on the location. Are you a few blocks from the school? Is there a wooded walking trail in your neighborhood? Is your home in a historic district or gated community? These are all prime selling points that will appeal to the right shopper.

A well-written listing will tell the reader what’s most distinctive and appealing about your home. Proofread your finished copy carefully for grammar and punctuation to ensure a professional appearance from your very first point of contact.