To get closer to the point – first we need to define – what is the energy loss and how exactly it looks like. Let’s get back to the previous topics that we discussed – and in particular – to the one, that broadly described the energy check ups. Yes, if you are not a professional – you would never know if your house became less energy efficient, especially when it comes to such small part of it as window frames. This is why:windows-energy

  1. The fist thing the author of this article advises you to do is to call the energy providing specialists – to find out how and WHERE exactly your house is loosing energy you paid for.

After the audit is finished and you know for sure that one or even all of your old windows waste energy – NOW it is time for a little action.

Usually, the problematic window will have condensation on the edges of the glass part. And that’s not all! Put your hand close to the frame edges especially in autumn / winter / or early spring. Remember this coldish feeling? It means your window has an air (and maybe even water) leak. And means as well – that the energy bill is at one or another point higher than it supposed to be.

  1. Now we know for sure that the problem was all about the windows. There’s no more need to take any close looks at them any more – since it is cold outside and the cold air DEFINITELY comes inside. A lot of people immediately call another important number from a phone book – a window repair company. And, if the budget is managed enough – it is way a good idea. For the rest – let’s not take the rushed decisions. Maybe it’s not that bad. See the problem from the other side. How? Read #3.
  1. Again, let us get back to the results of energy audit for a little while. You must compare the data with the energy bills – and probably to monitor the situation for a month or two. Sometimes it happens, that the bills change very slightly, and the reason to worry much disappears by itself. All the owner has to do in this case is to seal the windows back again. Modern home supply shops contain numerous sealing solutions jointing compounds, sealer cements, and others at any wallets and tastes – for all the windows type. But what if the problem is larger in scale than that? And what if the additional sealing won’t fix it.
  1. In this case you probably need to think on the total window replacement. Sad but true, a lot of modern houses lose energy just because the windows are old or even have been not installed properly or sealed completely.

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