There are various factors which make the Aluminum siding a popular choice and it is being adopted for the several reasons. First of all the Aluminum siding is very less expensive which is why it is also affordable and in the approach of even a common man. In addition to this there is another reason for selecting the Aluminum siding for your walls and that is because it gives a very elegant look to the overall exterior of your house.

Another major benefit of the Aluminum siding is that it can also be painted in different colors and it not only holds the paint but also enhances the overall look of your house especially the exterior. In spite of so many benefits of the Aluminum siding, there are are also some disadvantages of this siding material. First of all there is a great risk of getting the siding rusted or damaged even by a light shock. This siding material is not recommended to the dangerous and extreme weather conditions. Moreover the conditions get even worse when there is a hole or tear in the siding at any part. This or any other kind of damage to the siding has no solution except for the removal and replacement of the damaged siding with the new one.

Removing the old and damaged siding without damaging the remaining siding on the neighbors is a difficult and tricky task. That is why certain procedure is suggested in which there a step-wise detail for the removal of the siding. Given below are some important tips for the removal of the damaged Aluminum siding.

Step 1 –Important things to know before removing the siding:

Before you initiate the removal of the damaged panel of siding of Aluminum, there are a few things which you should make sure. Cutting of aluminum is a very dangerous task. Therefore ensuring one’s safety is very important. It is strongly recommended to wear gloves and safety equipment like goggles so that your eyes and hands are protected. Another important thing regarding the removal of the damaged siding is that it is not necessary to remove the whole siding if only a part of it is damaged. You can only remove the damaged part and then replace it with a new and neat one.

Step 2 – Scoring the damaged part of siding:

In order to locate the exact point of damaged siding, you need to apply the utility knife. With the help of this tool you can score vertical lines on the siding here it is damaged. If the siding is thick and you cannot cut it with the help of utility knife, then you can also use the screw driver for inserting in the panel and cutting the knife. After you make a puncture with the help of screwdriver and hammer, then further proceeding can be done with the help of a utility knife.

Step 3 – Using snips of tine for holding the siding panel after puncturing it:

After cutting the vertical lines along the panel of siding, you then have to make the horizontal lines across the damaged siding panel. You can also use the tin snips for completing this task. Tin snips are very helpful in cutting the metal in any direction and of any size. In this way the damages panel is removed.

Step 4 – Attachment of the new siding panel of Aluminum:

Once you are done with the removal of the old damaged siding panel of Aluminum, you now have to measure the space where the new siding is going to be fitted and then after measuring the size, cut the siding according to it. Caulks can be used for the attachment of the siding panel and finally the task is completed.

Replacing the siding panel is not a difficult task but its tricks vary from material to material and it should also be taken care of while working with different materials. If you are still facing problems while removing aluminum sidings panels then you really need to contact professional Siding contractors downriver Michigan for assistance.