One of the major areas that have come up in the late 2016 and more so in 2017 is voice search. Leading SEO companies believe that voice search is the new area that needs to be worked upon for achieving search engine success. They say, it is more useful for the small businesses to achieve success in this manner.

One of the main reasons why SEO services in India are progressively considering voice searches is because of the increasing popularity of the same among users.

Voice Search – Some Findings

Numerous researches have been done on user experience and their behaviours online. It has been found out that the trend towards usage of voice search is increasing progressively. It is also quite interesting because of the simple fact that 50 per cent of the teens are using voice search actively. Not only this, there has been a rise in voice search among adults too. It has been seen that currently 40 per cent of adults are using voice search. In fact, estimates predict that there is going to be around 200 billion search queries everyday over voice search by the year 2020.

Are you waiting to start your voice search optimisation from 2020 to get noticed by your target audience? If that is so, you will definitely miss the train and your peers will score over you. If you want to be a part of the bandwagon, it is prudent to take help of SEO services in India and start the voice search optimisation process now.

Voice Search and Siri needs Optimisation

The digital assistance age is ushering in. There are many voice search platforms that have become very pertinent in this digital age. Some of the most popular ones are Siri, Google Now, Cortona, and many more. These platforms are changing the traditional way of searching content as well as information. Do you need proof of this? If so, here are some more data. In the year 2015, the virtual assistants started their journey. It was seen that the world over search in these platforms increased from nil to 10 per cent of the total global searches. Experts say that voice searches will surpass keyboard searches, which is the traditional search platform, in no time. This is because of the simple fact that this voice search platform is easier to use and is much faster than manual type of search. It has been found out that 56 per cent of adults have called it more tech savvy. This is where the importance of SEO services in India comes into play.

Voice searches are more complex than the traditional keyword typed search engines. Every search engine is unique in its own way. In fact, the algorithm and working styles of different search engines are completely different. When people are using Google Now, the search engine it is using is Google. When the users are using Siri for voice search, the underlying search engine is Google.

For satisfying voice search results of Google and Bing, two following simplistic methods can be followed by SEO services in India. They are:

Knowing search engine for optimisation

Apple products, whether it is iPhone, iPad, or else are using Bing as default search engine. However, Android is the most popular search engine across the world. So, there are more chances that Bing may not be the most popular search engine currently, until and unless the iOS becomes more popular than Android.  SEO companies should keep this aspect in mind while optimising voice search engines. Long tail keywords will be in focus in the coming days, evident from the trends in voice searches.