Vinyl aluminum siding is very famous but house owners also use seamless steel siding. Installing seamless steel siding is not a tough job. However, careful steps are required for completing the project successfully. Here are the steps that you can follow while installing seamless steel siding in your home.

Materials Required:

  1. Tape measurement and rope.
  2. Spatula and hammer.
  3. Foil underlayment and shims.
  4. Staples, staple gun, and chalk line.
  5. 2 inch galvanized nails and levels.
  6. Corner caps.

Take Measurements of All Walls:

Measurement of walls that you are going to cover with siding is very important. There are different parts of walls and it is necessary that you do not miss any part such as gambrel walls and dormer sides of walls. Measuring gable ends of walls is also included in it. Here you have to subtract the estimated size of sliding glass door and windows in your house as they do not need siding. Garage door also falls in the category. Now add all the figures that you have took and make an addition of 100 in it for getting the total amount of the steel. You will get exact square feet of the siding that you need for your project.

Prepare the Wall:

You must not finish your task of doing preparation with buy the siding but prepare the area where the siding will be installed is also important. Start cleaning off the paint and take off the nails. Carefully remove the rotting wood from your wall and see whether there is old putty and remove it in the same manner. Now even the spots on the wall by using shims.

Adhere the Insulation:

Insulation for the siding is very important. The next step is attaching the foil underlayment with the part where you are going to install the siding. Fasten the foil with the walls of your house. Now start placing the underlayment on the edges of all the walls of a house. Overlap the foil on the sides of all the end joints to a measurement of 2 inches from all sides.

Chalk the Walls:

Start chalking the lines to all the ends of the house for getting an idea about the placement of your starter strip. Be careful and keep the siding that you are going to install in a straight position while you hang it. Start marking the eaves that you can see at the bottom. Measure all the sides under the windows and completing the chalking step.

Hang the Siding:

There will be a pre-made hole; you have to nail it through it ensuring the 2-inch nail is not very tight and hang the seamless siding.  Be careful in putting the nail sixteen inches apart from the siding.

Install the Starter Strip:

Follow the chalk line and start placing the starter strip on it. Make sure it even at all the corners of your house as it would support hanging of siding.

Hand Siding on All the Walls:

Now the challenge is an installation of siding on all the walls so once you have completed siding on one wall. Start working on another wall as well. It is important that you finishing installation seamless siding on the first wall and then move to the other one. It would give a more even look and you would see better results of your work. Keep 2 inch of distances between all sidings and attach the siding on the adjacent wall. Leave the ¾ inch of a gap at the end for installing the corner caps at the end of the seamless siding.

Attach the Corner Caps:

Slip the bottom flanges on the lower side of siding and attack the corner caps. Press it in the position and give a tight fix with the 1-inch nail in it. This step would be the end of your project giving you a new seamless siding on the walls of your house.If seamless sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Michigan siding contractors for an expert advice.

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