Installation of the tin roof rather than shed roof can save your money on a tin roof is inexpensive. The durability of the tin roof is the quality that consumers appreciate to a large extent. You can follow the below-mentioned guidelines for installing a new tin roof for shelter.

Buy the Required Materials:

  • Tar Paper (30 pounds)
  • Ladder
  • Drill and 5/16 inches of lap screws
  • Measurement tape
  • Paper and pencil
  • 1 hammer and nails
  • Shovel
  • boards
  • Metal binding and chalks
  • Panels ( V and R panels )
  • Panel closures

Once you have bought all the materials, you must follow these steps.

Select the Type of Tin Roof:

There are tin roofs of R-panel and V-Crimp style so decide which style you want to buy. Installing 5/16 inch lap screw is important for an R-panel style where on the other hand V-crimp does not require any screws.

Get Measurements:

Determining how much edging you want to install depends on length and width of each side of a roof so take the measurement of the roof by adding 4 inches more for overhanging of the tin from the roof. It would be used for protecting inside area of a roof from hailstorm and rain.

Purchase the Materials:

The next step is buying all the required materials for installing roof tin. You can take someone with you to select, purchase, and buy the materials.

Remove the existing Roof and Line it:

The hard task starts now when you need to remove shingles and paper from your existing roof planking for making it ready for the new roof. Use a shingle ripper for removing the shingles. Do not damage any part of the roof by using safety gear.

Install Slat Boards and Metal Edging:

Installing slat boards and metal edging is a very important part for attaching the new roof tin. You have to keep 2-foot interval in laying the slats and working on different sides of the roof. Use 3-inch metal-wood-screws for securing the slats and use a hammer for roofing nails for nailing the metal edging.

Lay Tin Panels:

lay tin panels with the help of wood screws at the interval of 2 –foot. Slat board will provide a direction with the middle and inside border of the piece for laying the panel.

Overlap the Panels:

Overlapping sheet with the second sheet is necessary. The sheet will overlap another sheet in V-crimp and ridge will overlap another ridge in R-panel.

Secure Panel to Slat Boards uses ¼ inch screws after every 2 feet for securing a panel to slat boards.

Cut along the Edge:

Wear safety gears and use metal snips for cutting the last panel along the edge.  Use a chalk for marking the ridge which follows the roof edge. Now cut it before turning the last panel in and repeat the step on each side of the roof.

Install Screws for R-Panels:

Use 5/16 inch lap screws after every 4 feet for installing R-panels at the place where metal sheets will extend beyond.

Install the Trim:

Install the roof beside the edge of roof and crossways the peak by notching the trim for laying it on the upside and securing it in ¼ inch metal-to-wood screw. The process will end here of V-crimp style of tin is used. Otherwise, follow the next two steps.

Install R-Panel Closure:

Use self-adhesive strips for installing a 36-inch foam-rubber R-panel closure. You have to protect panels and there push them inside of the opening. Screw the bottom of sheets down as it is also one of the steps required for finishing your task.

Install and R-panel Ridge:

Use 5/16 inch lap screws at every 2 feet for screwing the R-panel ridge. It will be the last process of installing R-panel ridge.

If you are facing problems while installing a tin roof then you really need to contact professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan for assistance.