Every mathematical topic becomes really easy with good calculation speed since most of the mathematical questions revolve around the calculating ability of a person. Since most of the competitive exams today have a numerical section, it is very crucial that a good base of maths is built and having a good calculation speed is the foundation stone.

The ability to calculate fast is not a birth ability. It is built over time by practice. For some, this ability is developed from an early age while others need to work on themselves to improve the calculation speed. This article will help the latter to strategize a preparation that would easily help them to improve the calculation speed in maths.

  1. Learn Abacus

The abacus is an instrument where simple mathematical operations are performed using the movement of the beads.

With enough practice, the mind slowly learns to perform calculations without the abacus and thus mental calculation improves to a great extent.

  1. Practice Mental Calculations

By performing mathematical operations without using the pen and paper will ensure the mind to synchronize it and then the calculations can be done mentally and slowly the speed would increase with time.

  1. Start with easy operations

Jumping to solve questions involving complex calculation without having a strong hold of the simple ones is a strict no.

Start with the basic and simple questions and practice enough to get a good hold of these simple calculations. Then start solving complex questions mentally to improve.

  1. Regular practice

As already mentioned, the calculation speed can be easily improved gradually with proper practice, so a regular practice is a must. Take out at least half an hour every day to spend on the calculations involving simple and then complex operations. Basic NCERT books or any other maths book can be used to pick up questions involving heavy calculations.

  1. Integrate calculating habit in daily schedule

It is not only about just practicing for a given amount of time daily. It is equally important to see maths in the day to day activities. For example, while traveling, count the number of cars of a particular color and then add that to the number of cars of some other color or multiply them with any number, etc.

Improving calculation speed in maths will prove very beneficial since most of the exams including CAT, Bank exams, etc. have a numerical ability section which requires heavy calculations. These exams have a limited time so the candidates need to calculate fast in order to finish this section.

Even exams like JEE  and other entrance tests have a mathematical section where faster calculation will ensure that more number of questions can be attempted.

As it is never too late to start something new, trying to improve the calculation speed is very crucial for everyone irrespective of any reason whatsoever.

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