To start off do not be tricked!  Thekey is to acquire as much knowledge about Rudraksha from reliable sources. This will put you in a better position as you can deal with the seller and ask authentic questions relating to the seed.untitled


Rudraksha has its traces of origin in the foothills of theHimalayas (Gangetic plains) to Nepal, South East Asia, Guam, Australia. Etc. You need to understand the basics of Rudraksha seed to establish a sense of trust in sellers.  In this regard reviews of Online Rudraksha shopping would be of great help. When you buy from an online seller, you need to keep in mind that a good seller will give you a host of options on the payment front. You can opt for cash on delivery, PayPal,etc.It will be recommended to have a look at the refund policies of the company if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


Before purchase always ask a certification of authorization to check for the authenticity of Rudraksha. If needed you can ask for anX-ray or CT scan as if any plastic or metal is there; it will show fake. There are no government approved centers certifying originality of a Rudraksha, but if a seller certifies it, his word can be taken for granted.

Opt from a seller always who will refund your money in case you are not satisfied with Rudraksha. It is better that you can get the seed of your choice made in gold or silver as Monday, Thursday or Friday’s are the best time to wear them. Chant the name of “BholeBaba” and wear the seed with utmost faith.  Do not discuss with people around you that you have worn Rudraksha as then the effect will not be the same. Let the results be there for everyone to see.

Advantages of Rudrakshasha:

Rudrakshas have been worn for time imperial considering the benefits of various Mukhis associated with it. An ideal way to wear them is to select the features of each Mukhi and match it with what you are craving for. You can wear one or multiple mukhis, or if the situation wants, you can combine several beads and combine them together. You can keep it at your place of worship, or can keep it in your pocket

  • Rudrakshaconsidered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Positive effects are passed on to the wearer in terms of his overall well-being. He is able to attract people around him
  • It is a critical component of Hindu mythology
  • It has an important role in spirituality pertaining to Nadidosha and Grahadosha
  • Let us face the fact that Rudraksha is the most potent and powerful weapon
  • It is considered as a gateway to the world of fortunes relating to monetary, physical or mental benefits.
  • For best results of Rudraksha, it works wonders when combined with stones.

When you type Rudraksha online, you will come across the benefits of each type of them. The choice is yours on what to wear and what not.