This is a time when unhealthy food is quite literally all around us and because of that, we’re constantly looking for healthy ways to enjoy the food we love. Some of the tastiest of that food comes straight out of the fryer, but is it possible to cook healthy good with an oil less fryer?

In this article we’ll take a look at how you can use an oil less fryer to create healthy alternatives to your favourite fried goodies.

Firstly, a brief introduction to oil less fryers; they work by circulating food with very hot air, at a temperature of about 200°C. This prevents the need to submerge food in oil, which is full of calories. These oil less fryers are claimed to be able to cook all sorts of items including meat, vegetables and even for baking cakes!food

Air Roasted Peppers – Roasted peppers can provide a colourful accompaniment to almost any meal, but cooking them in the oven with oil can take away the nutritional value of the peppers and in turn create a pretty unhealthy accompaniment to your meal.

Air Roasted Peppers are pretty simple to prepare and all you need to do is chuck 12 bell peppers and an onion into you Oil Less fryer and leave to cook for 25 minutes. You could also add a “Maggi” seasoning mix to add extra flavour to the peppers and in turn transform peppers into the anchor of your meal.

Air Roasted Peppers are fantastic in their simplest form, but feel free to experiment, adding different flavours to spice up your meal.

Healthy Fries – Fries (or chips) are everyone’s guilty pleasure and they do make you feel guilty, especially considering how unhealthy they are. That being said, creating fries in an oil less fryer can provide a healthier alternative and make chips you can eat every day of the week.

Healthy Fries can be made by chopping 250g of potato into chip shaped pieces and chucking them in the fryer, with a teaspoon of duck fat to help them cook. Leave them to cook for 30 minutes and you have a fresh batch of fries.

If you’re looking to keep your fries super healthy, why not keep the skin on the potatoes and lock in some extra flavour?

Roasted Carrots – Carrots make a delicious snack when roasted and you probably didn’t know you can do just that in your oil less fryer. You only need to throw in 500g of carrots, some herbs and four tablespoons of orange juice to create a flavour some and healthy roasted snack.

The carrots should be left to roast for around 20 minutes, but you can alter that time depending on how crispy you want them.

Bringing this oil less article to a conclusion and you should now realise that an oil less fryer is the perfect now accompaniment to your kitchen. Many people don’t know of the endless meal possibilities that an oil less fryer can provide.