Choosing marble or Granite Kitchen Worktops is all about your choice, taste and preference. It is already a burning topic in the market that which one is better. We cannot mark any of them as a best and perfect but yes we can discuss some aspects.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

These aspects can help you to find best material for your kitchen. These two materials are very much similar as well as differences.  Both are widely and preferably used in the kitchens all around the world. So, know the similarities and differences before making a final decision.

Marble vs. Granite Worktops

Evaluating both marble and granite head-to-head with some important and basic categories will help you in choosing which one is good and worthy for your kitchen.

  • Looks or appearance: Appearance of these materials is beautiful. Both have amazing varieties in colours and patterns. When you select Kitchen Granite Worktops, you will get so many colour options. Granite appears as stigma. You can find colours like green, blue, pink, orange, red and other dark shades. While marble has limited colour options. But pattern are more than granite.  In marble, you can get patterns like gray-pink, gray blue with rosy-red and darker blue veins. So, if colour is main concern for you, you can go with the granite worktops.
  • Stability and strength: No doubt, granite is more hard than marble. Therefore, granite is more scratch resistant than marble. As far as heat durability is concern, both have good heat resistance quality. If you talk about stability, both granite and marble are very strong. You just need to re-seal them properly every year or two year. Marble is defenceless to acidic liquids and foods. But granite is one step ahead to marble in this quality. So, if you want something durable and strong material, granite is better for sure.
  • Maintenance: If you require something with less physical work-out for the maintenance, granite must be very good option. Experts say that, granite needs less hard work to maintain it properly. While Marble needs lots of maintenance and care to keep this material safe and secure. Marble care requires regular sealing and protection from acidic food and liquid. It will definitely time consuming task. In this aspect, granite definitely wins the war.
  • Cost: Price of the material is the major factor that creates lots of differences. Marble is like a royal stone. It is expensive than granite. If budget is not a problem for you, you can buy marble for sure. If there are some budget restrictions, granite is perfect for you.


Well the choice between these two stones is totally depends upon your preferences. You can rely easily on the suppliers as there are so many marble and Granite Worktops Suppliers are available in the market. If you are confident to by granite material, call any reliable granite Kitchen Worktops Suppliers to get better services.