Do you have a new start up business that you want to work out and stay in the black financially?  Are you looking for a Boston Video Production Company?  Before you actually make the video you need to plan out the video.


Let the company, the Boston video production company know what it is that you want. You need to have an objective- what is the purpose of the video and how you want to market the video. Know who your audience is and where you want to show the video.  Once you have these ideas or concepts in place you talk to the video company that you have chosen to make your video. Remember, do your research on the company. If the company, you wish to use is in Boston then research all the Boston video production companies you like.   Then choose based on the criteria you set up when you made your proposal.


Use the resources of those in your field and your neighboring businesses and friends.   A lot of business is spread by conversation about services that they have previously used.  It also happens in conversations from people who have seen the video and liked the video.  They will talk it up and tape it and disseminate it. Sometimes that is the best advertising that you can get if you are a new start up business.    Use your search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Blacknet and others. Don’t just stick to the traditional which is Google, Yahoo and MSN; also use other non-traditional search engines such as Blacknet, or Twitter black.  You ask me why?  Because although they aren’t the normal search engine they cater to a certain group of people- the Black community. The Black community itself controls a lot of the spending that goes on in certain areas and that includes the video industry.  The same if it were another community such as Latinos or Indians.  Search for those search engines that they use as well and look at companies that they use and/or look at how they advertise using video productions. All this will help you after you have chosen the company and how you want your final video to look to the public.


If you are in Boston, then pick a Boston video production company you wish to use.  Go back over the previous information mentioned in the proposal you made.  Maybe have a list of companies to choose from with the criteria all laid out; specifically for the type of video that you want to make or have for your company.   Then make a list of questions to ask the company that you have finally chosen to make your video production.


Take your list of companies and the list of questions you made to ask them- to each of your meetings with the companies.  Make sure to take the notes down on their answers. Note concerns, pros and cons.  Note anything that you are not happy with so that you can question them on. Specifically find out about their process-how they do things.  Do they plan, have meetings etc.  Get a time line.  The time line will also help you plan out your finances.  For a start-up company that is more a concern than an established company but an established company also has to worry about employees and the like.


Get it written down what it will cost in real time numbers. In other words, if it is to take you one month versus three months the numbers should go accordingly.  Specifically, for the area you choose remember that New York prices will be different than Boston prices. Consider the venue you may choose and how much that particular place may charge for the rental for a couple of hours.  The longer you go the more it will cost even if you could cut some corners and spend a little less money. Also determine how the video fits in to the general marketing plan. Is it to be the central piece or just a part of it? Is it to be the starting part and then all else builds off of it? If it is a series of videos you also need to price that out as well. All of this goes into your decision of this video and how to market your business.


It’s your company.  The buck stops at your door. You should know what you are spending your money on and to be able to answer questions put to you about same especially if you have investors or a bank.   And enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Trpod is a Boston Video Production company that has been around for many years serving the community.  If you are interested in using their services, you may check out their website