What can an avid health watcher do when the entire food environment around them is encouraging the exact opposite? The increasing toxicity in terms of unhealthy food choices along with lack of easily accessible food options beneficial for your well-being is making it difficult for people with diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Although the battle against this culture seems an uphill task, just by being a little more proactive and wisely selecting your diabetic food list, you can easily create a healthy food environment of your own, free from any external temptations or pollutants.

  • While planning your diet in diabetes, you must avoid processed and sugar rich food items from your diet because of course they are not healthy. So what all should NOT be included in the food for diabetics? Soda, fruit juice, desserts, candy bars, chips, crackers etc. It will certainly not be easy as your brain is wired to crave for sugary processed foods. But the trick here is to keep such food items out of sight so that they remain out of mind too.
  • Natural and whole foods are the best choices as they are free from harmful ingredients not tested for quality and nutritional values, not to mention their overall health impact. Lean proteins, nuts, and seeds like flaxseeds etc., fruits in moderation and low in glycemic index and of course handsome servings of fresh veggies – all these keep your food environment free from all the toxicity around and your blood sugar levels happy.
  • Lock out junk food from your home to prevent its consumption. This is easily possible when you refrain from buying it in the first place. Substitute this by storing whole foods and nuts etc. This works wonders when you get those hunger pangs at odd hours and all you have to munch are healthy whole foods. There you go! Healthy food choices sorted.
  • Home cooked food is healthy and delicious for reasons more than what can be counted. The biggest drawback with outside food is the quality of the ingredients used along with cooking methods. So why complicate matters both for your pocket and body? Simply cook yourself by using your favourite ingredients and controlling the quality and nutritional values.
  • Foods that control diabetes are not a combination of complex ingredients or substances that are impossible to find. It simply requires a little research and knowledge about the desirable parameters for maintaining blood glucose levels and you can take charge of managing your diabetes yourself.
  • Before you decide to give in to frequent temptations or hunger pangs, ask yourself if you are really hungry. Often, your brain is craving food, but you are not truly “hungry” in the stomach-grumbling sense. This understanding will prevent you from overeating right after meals or even between meals.

Diet in diabetes is all about creating a healthy and welcoming food environment that is inviting enough to help you eat healthy.