Kedarkantha is situated in the Himalayas beautiful mountain peaks in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated within the Uttarkashi district’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The climb or trek to the Kedarkantha peak commences from Sanskri which is a minuscule village. From the alluring Kedarkantha peak, there are thirteen of the Himalayan range peaks visible. The view of sunrise from the Kedarkantha peak is just breath-taking and heavenly.

Trekking is always exciting and a fun experience that you should definitely try once in a lifetime. Where among the beautiful views, you can enjoy night fire, household cooking, and staying among the natural beauty. Trekking in the ravishing beauty of Uttarakhand has always been a pleasure and a fun experience with the panoramic views of the landscapes and backdrops. The thrilling sites of Kedarnatha are incomparable to any other summit. This summit is popular by many of the enthusiastic trekkers as the experience is just terrific. This camp is best if it is your first time as it is at an easy level, where you can view many beautiful high peaks such as Black Peak, Swagarohini, Kala Nag, Ranglana, and Bandarpoonch. During this summit you will travel through Sanskri to Juda-ka-Talab to the Kedarkantha Base to Hargaon Camp and back to Sanskri. The route here mostly passes by forest ranges, where some are filled with tall trees and bushes.

There are several reasons as to why this summit is incredibly amazing.

First reason to be mentioned is that the snow availability here stays till April end, so the trekking experience during winter is enduring. With the lovely view of backdrop filled with snows and pine trees just is beautiful.

Next reason would be the amazing campsites, as each of the campsite in unique and would be different from all the other campsites. Also, the trek starts from the dense forest of pine, where one commences the summit by walking upon the dried bed brown leaves making it a magnificent and unique experience altogether.

In this summit, you will see the unparalleled beauty of the snow covered mountains as you enter the base of Kedarkantha camp, and this view just gets better as you move forward to the summit.

Kedarkantha trek is best explored during the time of winters to experience splendid beauty and aspiring views during December and April. Although, you can travel during the summer times as well yet the alluring view is incomparable to that in winter time. The snow covered trails and the base of wonderful pine trees being filled with snow is just fascinating and relishing. However, it is advisable to avoid trekking here during monsoon season. You can also indulge in some yoga and meditation here in the morning and evening when you are at the base. To explore this trek, you will require five to six days most, and the best place to explore here is Juda-ka-Talab, which is not to be missed at any cost because of its unique and contrasting beauty that is picturesque.