Are you planning to buy new cell phone case? Then, it would be advisable to get acquainted with the knowledge of the material. Accordingly, you’d be able to decide which type of phone case would be the best for you.

In contemporary times, plenty of manufacturers are producing smartphone covers and oodles of articles are published on it, guiding you to select the best ones. But the fact is that not all of them are genuine. Instead of depending on other people’s suggestion, you need to decide which type of phone case would suit your phone, its usage, and lifestyle.

The comprehensive description of hard plastic, soft plastic, and hybrid phone cases is summoned up for you as under:


The plastic phone case is usually made up of polycarbonate, polyurethane or polypropylene. The properties of these three substances differ from one to another and used for its manufacturing.

Polycarbonate (PC):

This type of plastic material is the strongest of all other materials. It is a group of thermoplastic polymers that contain chemical structures of carbonate. Being so strong, tough and hard, it is mainly used in engineering. Besides, it is also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof windows, spectacle glasses, and compact disks. It tends to be easily molded, thermoformed and worked on it anyway.


It is a polymer which is composed of the organic units that are connected by carbamate links. It can be either used for manufacturing hard or soft plastic, but mainly, it is used to be thermosetting polymers which cannot be melted or molded. Consequently, this substance is used for producing hard plastics such as furniture, car seats, etc.


This type of component is termed as the rugged one, thus used for manufacturing hard plastic. It is the main reason why polypropylene is mostly used for producing synthetic plastic.

Now that we understood various types of plastic materials, let us break down the nutshell for which you can decide to select either hard plastic, soft plastic or hybrid phone cases.

Hard Plastic Phone Cases:

Usually, it is less expensive and more attractive. Due to this reason, most people opt for this type of smartphone covers. It allows you get photos or designs printed on it for making it one-of -a-kind. For instance, you can grab cheap custom phone cases from Miniturtle. The store offers you with an opportunity to design it your way.

When it comes to protection, hard plastic phone cases are designed in such a way that it is dust and water resistant. The only flaw of it is that you can not entirely rely on cover to protect your phone from a high fall. Neither would it be able to safeguard your phone nor is it biodegradable.

Soft Plastic Phone cases:

It is made up of polyurethane, which can be either regular or thermoplastic. As it is soft, most people prefer to buy one for preventing scratches on the back of phone due to cover. It is available in attractive designs and can be customized with the printed designs or photo of your choice. It is super flexible and due to this reason, any sharpen object can tear it. Moreover, its smooth surface makes it easy for slipping it from your hands.

Hybrid Phone Cases:

The material of this type comes somewhere in between of hard and soft plastic. Prominently, it is also named as rugged phone cases. And it is considered as the strongest one from the perspective of protecting your device. Depending upon the manufacturer, it can be of two or three layers. Its inner part is made up of soft plastic and an outer one of hard plastic. Consequently, it is highly used for giving ultimate protection to the phone and can save it from nearly any damage.

Hybrid smartphone cases do come with a kickstand that is super convenient for relishing entertainment like watching videos or movies. Nonetheless, the biggest drawback is that it is really very heavy and bulky.

Wrapping Up: Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity in humans, without which no one can even think to spend a day. When it is this important in our life, then protecting the device with protective covers becomes imperative.

Get inspired by this article and be cognizant of all the types of materials used in its manufacturing. When you are aware of ins and outs of the substance used for the production, it would be accessible for you to decide which type of phone case would be the best for you.