Asana is a super hit and successful device based and web application and solution for teams who can keep a track of their works and projects through the software. The Asana software has been some sort of revolution for project management professionals. The software was found in the year 2008 by the co-founder of social networking website, Dustin Mojkovitz and his colleague and ex-engineer, Justin Rosenstein during their exercise of improving the productivity of Facebook employees.

Asana has been a popular choice for obvious reasons such as comprehensive features at an affordable pricing and a useful free version on the Internet. Asana is simply and arguably the best option for project and team management exercises. But there are other options also, and you do not want to miss the bus with the best Asana alternative which can be facilitative of work allocation, sharing with different and/or additional features. You are therefore required to research the landscape of the software vendors with so many options available for you before making a final choice regarding monitoring & planning, budgeting, task management and collaboration needs.

There are software applications in project management and task management, such as wrike, trello, JIRA, Nautcache, Base camp and Microsoft project apart from Asana. Wrike offers free use for up to a team of five users and there is pricing for premium use. It is for you to stick to free software or go for premium versions or paying a price of monthly use, depending upon the number of team members and pricing offered to your use as well as features available as per your work requirements.

What the best alternative offers, which you have liberty to choose from various options:

Focus on visual collaboration board
Some software like Trello includes cards for images, text and attachments which an show lifecycle of a project
Users can also add checklists for tasks and due dates for keeping a track
Free version for limiting file storage as offered with free editions
Limited functionality and/or restricted access for a defined number of members with free editions
Premium editions do include additional integration options, increased file storage and priority email support
Cloud based management tool for collaboration and sharing files and complete tasks with checklists.
Simple and easy to use interface
Some software’s are available for mobile also
Some software’s like Slack provide chat and share documents over open, private and direct messaging channels, drag and drop files, adding documents and search of items

However, some large companies require such features as usable by high specialty domain and experts which can have safe users and real users, for them there are high rated project management software’s and certifications available internationally. Project Management as a discipline is required in Engineering and Technology fields apart from business, social work, business management, medical diagnosis, art and architecture among others. The system work of such best Asana alternative in such requirements may be containing core project, task and resource management, collaboration tools and project scheduling.